Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Natural Hair: Impulsive Haircut

Hey dolls!

So....I CUT MY HAIR! *gasp* YAY! *applause*

If you follow my natural hair blog, you know that I have been struggling with breakage. And my hair has been feeling extra dry, even though I DC (deep condition) every week.  I have been doing so much research on hair breakage, trying to apply what I learned to my regimen, and it just wasn't getting better.
So on an impulse (out of frustration and impatience, lol), I chopped off my damage and split ends!
And since I love a lil' flavor, I got it cut in to a style, a 'bob' of sorts.

And hour after cut, air dried

I am so in love with it and so happy I did it!

First twist-out

Takes a max of 25 mins to twist for a twist-out, previously and hour.
And 10 min to retwist for the night (only two flat twist in the front and a couple singles in the back, not all my hair is retwisted), previously never done because I had no patience for it, lol
The short styling time really helps with my lifestyle, two kids and daily exercise, so convenient.
And since it is all natural, healthy hair, I can rock a wash-n-go if I have no styling time. Convenience x2!
And it is just plain GORGEOUS!

Vanity is real! LoL!

3rd day hair, still defined twist
100% natural, no damage, all curl, all NICOLE!

Nicole Charnel

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