Monday, May 13, 2013

Exercise Equipment

For some reason, your children always need something.
So now that I am a mom, I have weekly trips to Wal-Mart, yea. No matter how many list I write and planning ahead I do...weekly trips, smh.

      Anyway, last time I went, I ventured over to the fitness area. I didn't need anything but I was thinking about getting some body slimmers.
      I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos; woman are sharing their weight loss journey and how they have lost their belly fat. And a lot of them mentioned they used body slimmer to help.
I remembered my dad had a stomach slimmer so I didn't need to buy one of those. But I also saw, thigh slimmers.
      Now, I happen to love my thighs, real talk. They are big but they curve just right. LoL! And they help give me that coke-bottle-look. I don't really want to lose them all together but slimming them down a bit is fine with me. So I purchased these...

      I also saw some wrist and ankle weighs, I might try them too. Once I lose what I want to lose and then need to tone up. That's how I'm suppose to do it right? (Idk, lol, another question for a trainer.)
Anyway, I think I am going to start tracking my inches. Just to see what the effects and benefits of these slimmers are.

Nicole Charnel

Do you use any body slimmers?

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