Monday, December 30, 2013

Get Ready With Me ft Naked 3 Palette [VIDEO]

Get ready with me as I do my makeup for church. This makeup look is using mainly the Naked 3 palette.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Giveaways for the New Year

I did my first giveaway on my youtube channel last week and I already have another one planned. I am still reeling from the excitement!

Even though only a few have entered, I am excited to pick a winner and give stuff away! Lame, maybe, but it could just be my genuine love for giving gifts!
That is my favorite part of Christmas or birthdays [or any gift-giving event, lol]. Picking a gift one would love and giving it to them knowing they are excited to receive it. YAY!

Because of my giving spirit, I have had a thought to do monthly giveaways in the the upcoming year 2014.
At first when I thought of this, I worried about people thinking I am just trying to get views and subbies and numbers. That it wouldn't be from the heart but from a business stand point...even though I have not business, lol.
But then I thought...who cares! I want to give because I enjoy it! Showing love and charity for no particular reason is one of my favorite things to do.!
I do it in my every day life so why not do it for the strangers and friends that support me and follow me.
WHY NOT?!?! Sorry, didn't mean to scream at your eyeballs, lol.

So pushing aside my worries of what people will think of me, I'm going to do it!
As I stated, I want to do monthly giveaways but I think it is best that I play it by ear [to see how that works with both my bank account and the response of my readers/viewers].
Make sure you check by here and also my other social networks, as well as youtube so you can be aware of the giveaways as they come up.

Since I am doing a New Years Giveaway, the next one will be the beginning of February...stay tuned!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you, my readers!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

New Years Eve Collab [VIDEO] + GIVEAWAY

Christmas is 2 days away so that means New Years is almost here as well!
Time for parties, dinners, and ushering in the new year in glam style.

You know I'm always here with inspiration for ya'! So me and my girl Maryam put together a makeup look and a fashion look to bring you into the new year with all around glam and chic-ness [new word, lol].

Click here for Maryam's channel

Now for the giveaway!

  • A 2014 planner
  • A makeup bag
  • An EOS lip balm
  • Covergirl Lipstick in 'Hot Passion'
  • Rimmel London 'Stay Matte' Powder
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  • Comment on the video what your New Years resolution or goal is for the year 2014.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is giveaway is sponsored by my blog,
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Must be a U.S. resident.
Once contacted, must reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked.

Giveaway will run from now [December 23rd] to 11:59 est New Years Eve [December 31st].
The winner will be picked on New Years Day 8 am est. and announced through my blog & in the description box of the collab video.
If you have any questions or comments, leave them below, I would love to hear from you!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winterizing My Natural Hair Regimen

With the cold weather here to stay, I have to do a bit more to protect my natural curls.
One main thing most naturals have to look out for around this time is lack of moisture. So here are a few tips on how you can keep the most moisture in your curls and stay on track with your healthy hair journey.

Use the L.O.C. Method
This is a well know method of sealing and maintaining moisture in your hair. Start with a liquid (water or a leave-in) follow with an oil and then a cream to seal the hair strand. Any light weight oil, such as coconut, olive or almond. The best cream I would say is raw shea butter but of course use what works for you.

Deep Condition or Hot Oil Treatments Weekly
Both of these treatments are a great way to help your hair retain moisture during these cold months. Hot Oil treatments stimulate your scalp as well as adding moisture to your hair strand. Deep conditioning treatments are designed to help smooth the hair strand and in turn making your hair softer. How this helps with moisture is the water and oils that you previously put on your you hair are now sealed in your cuticle and are keeping your hair moisturized.

Protecting Your Ends
Not necessarily protective styling from September to March. But keep your ends tucked in with buns, pinned updo's and hats at least part of the week. Remember you ends are the oldest parts of your hair and they can become weaker in the harsh weather and cool temps. Leading to breakage and no length retention.

Hope these tips help you through the next few months. And comment below if you do anything more or different that works with your hair in the winter.
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Common Natural Girl Tag [VIDEO]

Tags videos are a fun way to get to know people through their YouTube channel.
A week or so ago, I was tagged by Miss A. Marie to do the Common Natural Girl Tag!

Hope you enjoyed this video.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

REVIEW: Koils By Nature Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner

Back during the summer, I attended a lot of natural hair events. Because of this, I picked up a lot of products along the way. One of my favorite brands of products I have tried, Koils by Nature.

We (my cousin, mother, and I) actually got a chance to meet the owner and creator of the brand at one event, Pam. She is a very funny and spirited woman. She also did a great workshop and share some wonder tips about moisture.

Anyway, 1 of the 3 products I picked up from this brand was the Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner. Since I have an addiction to DC-ing, I had to get my hands on it.
It comes in a 12  oz. bottle and retails at $18 [but at the event I paid $15].

This is an all natural deep condish that claims to be great for retaining moisture and adding shine to dry, brittle, damaged hair. My hair was previous heat & chemically damaged so from reading the bottle, this would be just what the doctor subscribed. And although I am not an ingredient snob, I did appreciate the abundance of natural ingredients in this product.

It took me about 2 months to get around to using the product [yes I had that many other DC's I wanted to try, lol] but when I did get around to it...and got through the bottle...I was a little disappointed.
The smell was heavenly and the consistency was thick and creamy as you would expect a DC to be.
I took me about a month n a half to use the entire bottle, not too bad.
My first application was the best. The detangling was easy but not great. And the slippage provided was mediocre as well.
Then I rinsed out my hair and it was only slightly softer than with I use the $1.50 Suave Naturals Coconut Condish...yea. I was just not impressed.
Further more, the uses after the first, the softness didn't increase and the product did not better itself.

Overall, I give it a 4 out of 5 curls. It did work and moisturize but I have had better deep conditioners.
Try it for yourself and their other products as well. I have two more products from this brand with reviews coming soon...and a bit more positive, lol.

Product Description [from website]:
Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner is excellent for color treated hair or for those who apply heat to the hair.
Coconut oil is excellent for retaining moisture, preventing breakage and is a natural conditioning agent that provides a protective barrier that will add luster, body, & manageability provide extra moisture so that the hair feels soft and smooth.Hydrolyzed Oat Protein holds 1000x its weight in water and will help your hair retain moisture.
Restoring all the Vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair.

Ingredients [from website]:
Aqua (Distilled Water), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Leaf Juice) Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Cocos Nucifera Oil / Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Butter), Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil), Macadamia integrifolia (Macadamia Nut Oil), Vitis vinifera (Grape Seed Oil), *Organic Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Mangifera Indica (Mango Alphonso Powder Fruit Extract), Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium sorbate , Salix Nigra (Willow Bark Extract) Tocopherol (Vitamin E), D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Fragrance (Parfum), Citric Acid.
pH 4.5-5.0

I hope you got something out of this review and stay tuned for more reviews from this product line.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013

Christmas is only days away!  6 days to be exact!
So of course my day is filled with online shopping, checking my list twice and Christmas carols.
All while planning how & when I am going to wrap, I am also thinking about what I am going to get myself for this festive day.
to help narrow my choices, I [like any other normal person]  made a pinterest board for my wishlist. Oh yea.
I could only come up with a few things that I really wanted...
A tablet that can handle both work & play. Specifically the Windows Surface with the pink keyboard/cover.

A flat screen for my room! I need more floor space and my current TV stand takes up too much room.

Clothes, handbags, shoes...that about sums it up. I LOVE TO SHOP!

New Camera and some gear! Expanding my YT channel by the day.

Just so I can take the pic and print it right away! They will cover the walls in my room.

And lastly, I need to replace my boots that I loved and only lasted me a month! Yes, they fell apart multiple times. 
That's it. Just 6 things I need in my life.
Short & sweet. And everything has a function or a purpose! Especially the clothes, lol.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

REVIEW: December Ipsy Glam Bag

I always want to film a video when I get my Glam Bag. To show my loves all the great products I got and my first impression of them.
But I can never film and edit in the same week! That mostly because I have so many videos in the que waiting to be edited...

So, of course, I turn to my blog to help me scratch this itch!
I will definitely be posting pics and first impressions on my glam bag here on my blog! 

This is December's bag. Black and sleek. The theme: Celebration. I like!

The first item I took out was an eyeshadow palette. I have been itching to see what a dark smoking eye would look like on me so this was perfect. Only thing I did not like was the black shadow was quite sheer.

Next the lashes. I mean who doesn't love lashes? I have never trued this brand and I definitwtly would have ant form some more natural. However, I am willing to step out the box on this one.

Next the all in one stick by Be a Bombshell. I kind of figured what type of product this was just by the name [all in one] but I still looked it up to confirm. Yes, this product is intended to be used for multiple areas on your face. Cheeks, lips, eye shadow, etc. It is going to be interesting seeing as I am afraid of cream blush [don't ask] but I am willing to give it a try.

Then the lipstick. This super creamy lipstick by NYX cosmetics. Bless the glam bag heavens that I received this lipstick. First off I love the color. I always want my nudes to have hints of pink in them. Then the is like spreading butter on warm toast! Super smooth.

Lastly, a nail polish [shown with all in one]. Simple enough a black & gold glitter polish.

'Smokin Hot' by Pop Beauty

'Flustered' All in One Stick

'Goddess' Lipstick by NYX

SWATCHES [excuse my ashy hand, lol]
1. All in One Stick
2. NYX Lipstick
3-5. POP Beauty Shadows

All in all, this is my favorite bag so far! I can put together a whole look with this bag with out even breaking a sweat! LOVE IT!
Check out Ipsy Glam bag here & Subscribe:
Only $10 a month for 4-5 product samples.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Blue Christmas Makeup Tutorial [VIDEO]

Hello my loves!
Christmas time mean christmas MUSIC!
From Thanksgiving to Christmas Day, nothing but White Christmas. Jingle Bells. Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. 24/7.

This look was inspired by the title of one of my favorite songs. Blue Christmas.
I also created this look to enter a contest on youtube.
So check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

REVIEW: Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter

Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter
8oz. of thick whipped cream that smells like straight icing. Yes, icing that you put on cupcakes. I have to remind myself not the eat it, smh. But it smells heavenly.

I received this in my Cocotique Beauty Box for the month of November. I personally would never have bought it because the purpose of the product is to define your curls. However, the product in the container is so heavy and dense I feared it would only weigh my [combination fine-thick] curls down.
But to my pleasent surprise, it did the opposite.

I applied the curlaide just like I would any other styler in my regimen (after the leave-in, but before the oil), then lightly twisted and went to bed.
[SIDE NOTE] I do my wash-n-go's at night so in the winter time, I don't have to go out with wet hair.
In the morning my curls were as light and bouncy as always. And super defined. I am so hooked.

And to make it all better, this line of products is on a short list of product lines that have are at least 80% natural and organic. Oh yea. Good, yummy ingredients for my hair and scalp.

1st Day Curls

1st Day Curls

Video for this makeup look:

2nd Day Curls

List of ingredients from the website:
Deionized water, oryza sativa(rice)milk, behenetrimonium methosulfate and cetearyl alcohhol (BTMS), cocos nucifera extract(coconut oil), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, sesamum indicum (sesame)seed oil, glycine sojo(soybean)oil, aloe barbadensis leaf(aloe vera extract), ricinus communis (castor)seed oil, oryza sative(rice) bran oil, macadaamia ternifolia (macadamia)seed oil, persea gratissiam(avocado)oil, aloe barbadensis(aloe)leaf juice, stearoxytrimethyl silane and stearyl alcohol(sily wax), ulmus eulva(slippery elm), sorbitol, simmondsia chinensis(jojoba)seed oil, ascorbic(vitamin C) acid, tocopherol (vitamin E), phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol and sorbic acid, scent and LOVE!

Over all 5 out of 5 curls from me!
Love this product and plan on using it until I run out!
Hope you enjoyed this review.
As always, thanks for reading!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

REVIEW: Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette

So I got it [for my birthday] and I am so happy I did!
Here's a look at the palette and I talk about the pro & least in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy the video and check my previous video to enter for a chance to win some beauty items!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Collab & Giveaway [VIDEO]

Christmas is practically HERE! That means it is time for family gatherings, eating good food, decorating, singing carols, giving gifts, and of course receiving gifts, LOL!

For youtubbers, it also means it is time for holiday fashion looks, makeup looks, and giveaways.
So I am giving you all three, well me and my friend Miss A. Marie, check her out here.
We have put together a collab with two holiday fashion looks and a holiday makeup look with lip options!
And to top it all off a gift for two of you!

And the link to Miss A. Marie's video:

There will be two giveaways, one on my channel, the other on A. Marie's channel. 
The giveaway will run from December 9th to the 15th. Winners will be announced on December 16th on my YT channel, FB page & Twitter (links below).

Rules for the giveaway for my channel
  • You must be a subscriber to both our channels on youtube
  • Like my FB fan page
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  • Share this video on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter (for extra entries)

 You must use the rafflecopter below to completely enter to win.

  • Wet n Wild Lipstick
  • Wet n Wild Lip Gloss
  • Ardele False Lashes

Winner must be in the US.
Winner must be 18 years of age or older (or have parental consent to give out your address).

This giveaway is sponsored by

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoy the video and enter for a chance to win!
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

U.D. Naked3 Palette: Is it Worth the Money? [VIDEO]

How much would you spend on an eyeshaow palette?
$50 for 12 colors? Does it sound like a good deal to you?

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