Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Natural Hair Update: April

April Natural Hair Update

Oh, April...my hair did NOT enjoy you, lol.
I thought it was smooth sailing, wondering why I wasn't having struggles like other naturals. Then April hit, smh.

Anyway, just a quick update on whats going on with my hair.

HAIR GROWTH  & HEALTH: I can tell my hair (especially at the roots) is getting more healthy. Thanks to my regimen & my new healthy lifestyle (go me!) my hair is growing as well. I haven't done another length check and I probably won't because I am constantly trimming (chopping) off my damaged ends.

TEXTURE: I am still working with two textures. I am definitely not a fan but it is do-able. Although it is not relaxed hair vs natural hair. It is heat damaged hair vs natural hair. And the damage is not healing up like I hoped it would.

STYLES: I am doing mostly twist-n-curls because my ends are still bone straight. I love them, yes. And they turn out super cute, but it constantly reminds me that I have damaged ends.

PROBLEMS: I am still struggling with hair breaking. I am trying to figure out which protein my hair likes best.

As more of natural hair grows in and some of my hair reverts (the not-so-damaged parts), I am getting the BC-urge. All you naturalista's know what I mean! That urge you get when you see your hair curl up perfectly and you just want to grab the scissors to get ride of all the damaged/relaxed hair that is holding your curl back! LoL! Yup, that one.
My original plan was to just nurse my hair back to health. But then I found out that it was least likely that my severely damaged hair would revert all the way.
Next plan was to grow my hair out for a year and trim off my damage as I go.
But I didn't make it and...I cut my hair! Yup, its gone! Stay tuned for a full update.

Overall, a good month in my hair journey. Still moving forward and still loving being natural.

Stay natural, ladies


Monday, April 29, 2013

Healthy Eating: Green Smoothie

Today I had my first green smoothie!!
If you know me, you know I can't drink anything without tasting it. And I also have a terrible gag reflex; I will throw something nasty up in a heartbeat. So it was IMPERATIVE that this be at least slightly delicious, lol.
My Mom and Dad actually drink these every day and they claim them to be delicious. Even my 2 year old will sip on a green smoothie given the chance! So it cant be that bad...right?

What was used:
Mango Nectar

VERDICT: It was...drinkable, lol. Definitely not going to replace my favorite flavor smoothie. But for the purposes of losing weight and making healthy choices, it will work! It was pretty much like a regular smoothie, just a blend of flavors. The main difference, the flavor of the spinach (which is half the smoothie) is extra bland but not unbearable. It's almost like a fruit smoothie that is missing something.

So this will be replacing my breakfast in the morning. I am anxious to see how much it helps my body, with both exhaustion and weight loss.

Nicole Charnel

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cheers to the Relaxing Weekend

I love weekends like this. When I don't really have to do anything on Saturday. Which lead to a blessed Sunday in church. Yea, my kind of weekend.

My list of activities could be counted on one hand, lol.
Being an active mom.
Mime Ministry
Grocery bag lifting, lol.
Hair Salon (check out my natural hair blog for a hair update)

Unfortunately the weekend is over and work begins in t-minus 12 hours, ugh.
It was fun while it lasted...

Nicole Charnel

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flat Stomach: Week 1 Update

I have decided I am going to do weekly updates on my weight loss journey.  I think it will help me stay motivated and accountable to my journey and my goals.

This week was tiring. I have been exhausted every day! I don't know if it is because I have long days (4:30am - 10pm, everyday...yea) or because I am not eating enough food. Either way, I am struggling with both. And I began to worry if these issues will hinder my weight loss.
I have talked with a couple of my friends, who happen to be personal trainers, so I could get advise on this.
One trainer said that not eating enough that will definitely become a problem. Getting rest, while a factor, shouldn't hinder weight loss.
The other trainer said both issues will hindering my loss. I need to eat more so my metabolism can have something to burn off.  And I need to rest so my body has time to re-cooperate and function fully.

This upcoming week I am going to just focus on one aspect, my diet. Currently, I barely eat three meals a day. I honestly just be too tired to fix something and just pass out instead of eating dinner, lol. So this week's goal is to make sure have 3 healthy meals a day. I already snack (mainly fruit and sunflower seeds) so I am just going to keep that the same.  We will see if that helps my exhaustion and weight loss.

Nicole Charnel

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woman's Intuition

I use to doubt it, now I never do.

After that one time I ignored my gut...and then it came back to haunt and hurt me, smh...never again.

God gave me intuition for a reason and I am going to use it to my advantage.

Nicole Charnel

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My main goal: TO INSPIRE

I want to inspire YOU!!
I just figured it out, duh Nicole.
At first I thought I had a desire to blog because I wanted to be an Online Celebrity. And I honestly felt bad about it. Like I knew I shouldn't be doing it for that reason, that's just TOO selfish.
Then after readying a few blogger bio's I realized the similarity, they all want to INSPIRE! They want to touch some that needs help. Encourage someone that is scared or nervous. Make a difference in someone's life!
They want to inspire you!
Sometimes I think, who am I to inspire or motivate anyone? I been through some crazy things. Been knocked down, to rock bottom and in my opinion still not standing up right yet. Why should anyone listen to me?
But It isn't that it? The reason why you listen to someone's story, someone's journey is because they have learned how to get out of it and to maintain in the chaos! That way you can look at them and say to yourself "Well if she can fight through that storm, why can't I fight through mine?!"
I want to inspire you!
So that's what I am going to do! We are gonna figure this things out together! And as we do, as we journey, we are going to inspire others to do the same! Stop making excuses. Take control! Inspire yourself and someone else!

Nicole Charnel

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cheers to the BABY Weekend


I am now an auntie x2. This weekend we welcomed Sylas Kahlil into the world. He was a miniature 6lbs 7oz but nice and long at 20 1/2 inches.

He is lovely! And he has this dimple, OM...it is super cute!
His mommy is doing well and she is happy to be living in a pregnancy-free body, lol.
Happy to have this little bundle of screams home.

Good night, lovers!

Nicole Charnel

Friday, April 19, 2013

Journey to a FLAT Stomach

2013 is the ‘Year of the Journey’ for me! I don't know why but it seems like every month I want to start a new journey or set a new goal.  I suppose that is good, that I am trying to better myself but bad if I don’t intend to keep to my goals and reach them (which is what I have done in the past, give up).
But I am determined that this year will be different. Each goal I set, I intend to keep!

Next goal or journey up is for my weight and health!
Now I have been thinking about this forever, like most people who are according-to-society-obese. And especially since I had my latest bundle, Natalee Dionne. But I want to be and FEEL healthy.
I teach liturgical dance and I have a very active 2 year so I move a lot in my spare time. And it is not cool huffing and puffing all the time! I am so over it!

So I set some goals!
My goals are a little different than the norm because I am not going off my weight, I am mostly working towards what I want to look like.
Flat Stomach
No plus sizes (1X or bigger)

LoL, strange goals, yes. But I just want to feel beautiful and look it as well. I hate that I have to buy plus size pants and dresses because my stomach is plump and my thighs are plump. Then at the same time, I love my boobs! Which are cup size, H (for HUGE, lol). And I love my butt and the curve of my hips! So I don’t intend to be a skinny 140 with no curves. I want to keep the stuff I love and look like the sexy, sultry, curvy woman I am in my mind, lol.
Moving on…

I actually started my journey after my C-section recovery.
Here is where I began:
9 month pregnant weight: 220lbs
2 weeks after birth weight: 212lbs
5 weeks after birth weight: 200lbs.

I don’t count the 20lbs I lost in two months because that was mostly my gorgeous Nat, lol. But it did come off kind of fast and I blame the breast feeding (which I stopped after a month, I couldn’t deal).
Anyway, I am going to keep my starting weight at 200. Which is also what I weighted before I got pregnant.

March weight (my official start): 200 lbs
Current weight (April 1st): 186 lbs

14 lbs gone already!! O YEA!!

My Exercise Regime:
I started strong and was working out daily for about 3 weeks, then I went back to work and got a little tired (lazy).  But I am now back to 5-6 days working out for 30-45 min.

My Diet:
I did start with weight watchers but I am so bad at tracking the points! And I never use the receipt tools or buy any of their products. It is turning out to be a waste of money. I am definitely going to cancel my membership.
So now I am just restricting my foods. NO fast food. One dessert/treat per week. Heavy on the salad and veggies. Low on starches/carbs. So far just being food conscious is working so I am going to stick with that. WATER, WATER, WATER! I am so bad at drinking water but I am definitely trying.

First month really spoiled me (14 lbs though, oh yes) so I am trying to not get too excited. I know it is going to slow down. I just can’t let it go up! Ugh!
Anyway, I’m staying FOCUSED…no matter how much I want chocolate, lol.

Nicole Charnel

April 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Addiction: Natural Hair

I am always getting addicted to something!

I don't know why but when I find something interesting, I just immerse myself in it! I read about it. YouTube it. Find it in my everyday life. Think about it constantly.
Then next thing you know...addicted.

Oh well, that's just me.
So my current addition: NATURAL HAIR.
Already started a blog (Natural Brownies - A Journey to Natural Hair). Started my hair journey in January. And changed the rest of my life in one decision! LoL!
It wasn't even my idea. My cousin Jessica told me she was considering going natural.  She showed me some natural hair videos of black women that have grown their natural hair (kinks, coils, and all) as long as mid-back and more! I was floored and complete HOOKED after that moment.  The last few months, i have spent all of my free time doing natural hair research, reading books and blogs, and playing with my own hair.

Jess just shakes her head at my addiction...I blame her for this!

Nicole Charnel

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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am going through a point in my life where everything is tied to my emotions.
And I am always an emotional wreck.
I am getting pulled left and right...
Trying to please everyone but myself...
Then my father said to me, "You just need to stop. Focus all your energy on God, your children, and YOURSELF. That's it."

In an effort to get un-frazzled and regain who I am and who I am to become, I am doing the selfish act of blogging.
All me, all the time...feel free to come along for the ride.

Nicole Charnel