Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flat Stomach: Week 1 Update

I have decided I am going to do weekly updates on my weight loss journey.  I think it will help me stay motivated and accountable to my journey and my goals.

This week was tiring. I have been exhausted every day! I don't know if it is because I have long days (4:30am - 10pm, everyday...yea) or because I am not eating enough food. Either way, I am struggling with both. And I began to worry if these issues will hinder my weight loss.
I have talked with a couple of my friends, who happen to be personal trainers, so I could get advise on this.
One trainer said that not eating enough that will definitely become a problem. Getting rest, while a factor, shouldn't hinder weight loss.
The other trainer said both issues will hindering my loss. I need to eat more so my metabolism can have something to burn off.  And I need to rest so my body has time to re-cooperate and function fully.

This upcoming week I am going to just focus on one aspect, my diet. Currently, I barely eat three meals a day. I honestly just be too tired to fix something and just pass out instead of eating dinner, lol. So this week's goal is to make sure have 3 healthy meals a day. I already snack (mainly fruit and sunflower seeds) so I am just going to keep that the same.  We will see if that helps my exhaustion and weight loss.

Nicole Charnel

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