Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Challenge...Really?!?

I know. I really said that to myself...
But I like trying to do these! I hardly every make it...SMH
I want to be better with my consistency...DETERMINATION!

I will try again...June is gonna be my month!
Speak on it!

Blog Every Day in June
Nicole Charnel

Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Explanation of The Disciple's Cross

I just finished my Master Life course and this is the video I did for my first presentation. I worked super hard on it so I wanted to share.
MasterLife is the course teaching christians how to be disciples of Christ. It is a 4 book course. The first book was The Disciple's Cross.

Thanks For Watching!!

Nicole Charnel

Friday, May 29, 2015

I Am YouTube Noir⎜NicoleCharnel

A new social networking organization for black content creators.
Excuse my choppy beginning...I was just trying explain the ins and outs.

YouTube Noir is a group for black content creators that will help others network and grow their channels.

Want to join?
Email- for the full details.

Also please subscribe to the new channel Youtube Noir

YT Channel-

Please follow this social media networks to support all your favorite content creators all in one place.

Thanks for Watching!
Nicole Charnel

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Natural Hair Show & Tell⎜Flexi Rod Set

Not really a tutorial...I just wanted to share how my recent flexi rod set turned out.
I tried something new, no setting lotion or mousse or foam but a gel to set instead.
It was not too bad at all! No crunch but a little bit of flakes.
Let me know below how you so your flexi rod sets!

Thanks for Watching!
Nicole Charnel

Friday, May 22, 2015

Back to Filming [Update Video]

Hello Loves!
An update video, like I promised.
Lets chat below, leave a comment!

Thanks for Watching!!

Nicole Charnel

Potty Training....SUCKS

I am not too good at this.  I know, mom power. But I am struggling.
My second child and we are trying to get this potty thing together. My first child was in daycare when he was trained and his Nana did most of the work
Thank the Lord for her!
But now for my Nattie-Bear, I have to do it myself and I am having a tough time.

Currently in day 2 of my 3rd attempt to potty train.  It has to be me.
But I am determined to stay consistent this time. She is almost 2-1/2 and super smart. She can all ready tell me after she has pooped...yea. Lets get cracking.

The first day I winged it.
Went with undies once, but as soon as she pooped in them...yea. Done
Then pull ups and she just seemed to pee in them as soon as I took her off the pot.

Now on day 2 I have done some research.
NO PULL UPS.  Yea. A brave soul, I am.
I found this technique that helps you potty train in 3 days. But the problem is, I am not letting my lil girl walk around the house with no pants on.
Taking tips though from this method, such as the no pull ups.
Also the rewards.  She has a potty chart that she gets to put a sticker on when she uses the pot.

So far...we are down 4 undies! Ugh.
But she knows that pee pee in the pants is bad....But she still doing it.
The struggle will continue tho. Saturday is my deadline. I will [with prayer and help from the Lord] be victorious.
Nicole Charnel

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Get Ready For Church With Me: #5

Vacation is pretty much over for me so I am ready to get bak to my filming.  I really missed it.
A Channel update video is coming up next, but for now, giving you what y'all love! Get Ready For Church With Me!

If you want to know what I used, feel free to ask!
Thanks for Watching!!

Nicole Charnel

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GRWM: Church Edition

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Online Shop [Coming Soon]

Alright! You talked me into it!
Online SHOP, coming soon!
May 21st, save the date!!

Email me for a PreOrder or to reserve! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Food Plan [Weight Loss & Maintain]

People say it all the time....and its SO true.
A Healthy diet is the KEY to weight loss & maintaining.

After my last baby [January 2013], I lost 50lbs.  AND I have managed to keep most of it off. 
I can only attribute this to me keeping my diet mostly clean.  
As I stated a couple of post ago, I gained some pounds from my vacation.  SO jumping back on my healthy band wagon was a must. 

In doing so, a couple of friends have asked me to give them some food tips and share the success.
Research and reading...
And here is the food plan I created for them

Weight Loss Food Meal Plan for Beginners 
It is not as in depth as a professionals meal plan would be...but I just wanted to give them a snapshot of the best foods to eat.  We all know small portions, more veggies than starches, water at all times.

Once you cover the basics, you good!
Maybe these food options and meal ideas can help you.
Nicole Charnel

Monday, May 11, 2015

My New Soap [Acne Prone Skin]

These random breakouts are getting on my very LAST nerve.  Ugh.
Not sure why they are only happening around my mouth. This is something new for me. Usually they are on my cheeks, under my cheekbone. UGH!
I am thinking it has to do with the vitamins I have been taking. Because I have upped my water intake and staying clear of sodas.

Anyway, time for a new soap. My previous fav, which was my Neutrogena Naturals Acne Formula, doesn't seem to be working anymore.
Went to Target and found a soap that is kind of famous around the web of bloggers and bloggers alike.
Dr. Bronners Magic Soap
I chose the peppermint  one. My skin loves peppermint, so this was the obvious choice.
What I love so far about it is, how clean my skin feels after I use it.  Also, you barley need any to make it lather up.
And it has been helping with clearing up my skin. It is a favorite for sure!
I will keep ya'll updated on it though.


Nicole Charnel

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vacation is Over, Real Work Begins

After three vacations...eating what I what, when I want...
Yea. Typical vacation behavior. 
So realizing after I got home n settled that I have gained a bit of chub is nothing new. Something that happens every year really. 
In a couple months tho I have a graduation for my MasterLife class.  For this MOMENTOUS occasion, I purchase a beyond fly dress that i can't wait to where.

It fits currently. Yes.
No, I am not that female that buys her clothes slightly too small and then loses weight to fit it.
That is just unrealistic...

It just doesn't fit exactly how I want it to fit. So with that in mind [and this romper that I love but is a bit to snug, lol] I have decided to start exercising again.

This is week 3 and I am going strong! I am a bit [quite] proud of myself because I really do not like exercising, LOL!
I usually just watch what I eat and change my eating habits if I need to maintain my weight.
Seeing as I need to actually lose this time, I had to break out the equipment.

Sweat bands.
They are amazing!
See my previous blog post here when I first purchased my band.

I love them mostly because they take my exercise to the next level. Make me sweat 2x more and in the the places that I want: my stomach and thighs.

The exercise plan also matters a bit. Last time I wanted to loose, I did Insanity. Yea, that crazy workout, smh.
This time, since I want to make it more than a month, I decided to try T25.

Make by the same craft ShaunT, but I only have to sacrifice 25 min of my day. Yes.
Much easier. Still a hard workout but I don't dread it as much because it only takes 25 min.
As long as a kids show [no commercials] or as long as it takes to order take out. LOL

Third week and I actually want to continue! I am liking the results. How I feel. More energy.
And I definitely think I will be able to fit my dress and romper, just the way I want to!!

Extending my deadline to June 26th.  I graduate my class on the 28th.
7 weeks to go....Total of 10 weeks.
Yea....lets see what I can do!!

Nicole Charnel