Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vacation is Over, Real Work Begins

After three vacations...eating what I what, when I want...
Yea. Typical vacation behavior. 
So realizing after I got home n settled that I have gained a bit of chub is nothing new. Something that happens every year really. 
In a couple months tho I have a graduation for my MasterLife class.  For this MOMENTOUS occasion, I purchase a beyond fly dress that i can't wait to where.

It fits currently. Yes.
No, I am not that female that buys her clothes slightly too small and then loses weight to fit it.
That is just unrealistic...

It just doesn't fit exactly how I want it to fit. So with that in mind [and this romper that I love but is a bit to snug, lol] I have decided to start exercising again.

This is week 3 and I am going strong! I am a bit [quite] proud of myself because I really do not like exercising, LOL!
I usually just watch what I eat and change my eating habits if I need to maintain my weight.
Seeing as I need to actually lose this time, I had to break out the equipment.

Sweat bands.
They are amazing!
See my previous blog post here when I first purchased my band.

I love them mostly because they take my exercise to the next level. Make me sweat 2x more and in the the places that I want: my stomach and thighs.

The exercise plan also matters a bit. Last time I wanted to loose, I did Insanity. Yea, that crazy workout, smh.
This time, since I want to make it more than a month, I decided to try T25.

Make by the same craft ShaunT, but I only have to sacrifice 25 min of my day. Yes.
Much easier. Still a hard workout but I don't dread it as much because it only takes 25 min.
As long as a kids show [no commercials] or as long as it takes to order take out. LOL

Third week and I actually want to continue! I am liking the results. How I feel. More energy.
And I definitely think I will be able to fit my dress and romper, just the way I want to!!

Extending my deadline to June 26th.  I graduate my class on the 28th.
7 weeks to go....Total of 10 weeks.
Yea....lets see what I can do!!

Nicole Charnel

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