Friday, May 22, 2015

Potty Training....SUCKS

I am not too good at this.  I know, mom power. But I am struggling.
My second child and we are trying to get this potty thing together. My first child was in daycare when he was trained and his Nana did most of the work
Thank the Lord for her!
But now for my Nattie-Bear, I have to do it myself and I am having a tough time.

Currently in day 2 of my 3rd attempt to potty train.  It has to be me.
But I am determined to stay consistent this time. She is almost 2-1/2 and super smart. She can all ready tell me after she has pooped...yea. Lets get cracking.

The first day I winged it.
Went with undies once, but as soon as she pooped in them...yea. Done
Then pull ups and she just seemed to pee in them as soon as I took her off the pot.

Now on day 2 I have done some research.
NO PULL UPS.  Yea. A brave soul, I am.
I found this technique that helps you potty train in 3 days. But the problem is, I am not letting my lil girl walk around the house with no pants on.
Taking tips though from this method, such as the no pull ups.
Also the rewards.  She has a potty chart that she gets to put a sticker on when she uses the pot.

So far...we are down 4 undies! Ugh.
But she knows that pee pee in the pants is bad....But she still doing it.
The struggle will continue tho. Saturday is my deadline. I will [with prayer and help from the Lord] be victorious.
Nicole Charnel

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  1. Lol! I potty trained my LO when she just turned 2 and it wasnt so stressful for me, thank God! I just let her prance her butt around the house with no pulls ups or undies on and she would run to the potty every time. (Little did I know that this was a "method".) After a few days, she got the hang off it and she was in the "big girl" undies.