Monday, May 11, 2015

My New Soap [Acne Prone Skin]

These random breakouts are getting on my very LAST nerve.  Ugh.
Not sure why they are only happening around my mouth. This is something new for me. Usually they are on my cheeks, under my cheekbone. UGH!
I am thinking it has to do with the vitamins I have been taking. Because I have upped my water intake and staying clear of sodas.

Anyway, time for a new soap. My previous fav, which was my Neutrogena Naturals Acne Formula, doesn't seem to be working anymore.
Went to Target and found a soap that is kind of famous around the web of bloggers and bloggers alike.
Dr. Bronners Magic Soap
I chose the peppermint  one. My skin loves peppermint, so this was the obvious choice.
What I love so far about it is, how clean my skin feels after I use it.  Also, you barley need any to make it lather up.
And it has been helping with clearing up my skin. It is a favorite for sure!
I will keep ya'll updated on it though.


Nicole Charnel

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