Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Food Plan [Weight Loss & Maintain]

People say it all the time....and its SO true.
A Healthy diet is the KEY to weight loss & maintaining.

After my last baby [January 2013], I lost 50lbs.  AND I have managed to keep most of it off. 
I can only attribute this to me keeping my diet mostly clean.  
As I stated a couple of post ago, I gained some pounds from my vacation.  SO jumping back on my healthy band wagon was a must. 

In doing so, a couple of friends have asked me to give them some food tips and share the success.
Research and reading...
And here is the food plan I created for them

Weight Loss Food Meal Plan for Beginners 
It is not as in depth as a professionals meal plan would be...but I just wanted to give them a snapshot of the best foods to eat.  We all know small portions, more veggies than starches, water at all times.

Once you cover the basics, you good!
Maybe these food options and meal ideas can help you.
Nicole Charnel

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