Monday, September 29, 2014

The Daniel Fast: The Start

I am starting the Daniel Fast in two days. September 8th. By the time you are reading this, I will be finished with the fast though.
For personal and spiritual reason I didn't want to share my post while I was fasting because its not about the attention or the accomplishment. Its about the FAST.
But I still want to share my experience and thoughts. Maybe even a few recipes.
Possibly to encourage someone that may want to fast in the future.

For those who don't know, the Daniel Fast is a time for spiritual reflection as well as physical detox. For three weeks, you pray and meditate on Christ or a particular thing you want to take to God. As well as you only eat fruits and veggies.
If you want me to go further in depth, just ask. But otherwise, HERE is a great website that helped me a lot.

So this is my 3rd time doing the fast and I am doing it with my two sisters, Natasha & Jessica.
September 8th to September 28th.
I'm nervous as always, but that is a good thing.
I have already wrote my first grocery list and will be going shopping later today. I will be sure to share my groceries, things I'm cooking, how I'm coping, advantages to meditating, and anything else you all might want to know.

Even though this is after the fact, feel free to comment below.
As Always, Thanks for Reading.
Nicole Charnel

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NEW Maybelline Matte Lipstick [REVIEW]

Have you seen these new in the drugstore? The Maybelline Matte Lipsticks. Suer creamy with a lovely matte finish. Check out the three colors I picked up and how they look on my brown skin.
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Touch of Spice
Ravishing Rose
Divine Wine

Thanks for reading and watching!
Nicole Charnel

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The world could use a lot more LOVE.
Just in general love. For your neighbor. Your friends. Your sister. You daughter. Your husband.

Start at home. From the moment you wake up, to give love to everyone you encounter. All day spreading smiles, encouragement, joy, and peace. It would change not only your day, but the day of anyone you encountered.

I never had to ask for love or long for love. My mother and father gave it out in spades. My sisters and brothers always expressed their emotions (not always love but most of the time, lol). Even my friends! We make it a point to tell each other we love on another every time we get together or part.
Love is an everyday thing for me.

But for some, they have never experienced this love. And even though they may not know what they are missing, their lifestyle and choices have reflected the lack of this emotion.
Sometimes it makes them seek love in everyone they encounter.
Sometimes it makes them reject any type of love.
Sometimes it makes love an unexplained mystery to them.

But if they had just gotten it, they may be more inclined to spread it. Allow it to multiple in their life and the people around them.

Love is beautiful and disastrous at the same time. Powerful at all times.
Giving it should be received with the utmost reverence. But because some people don't even know what it is, it isn't always such a joyous occasion.

Give more love. We all need it.

Nicole Charnel

Braid Out Addiction

Currently addicted to braid outs. I did a video last week on my YouTube channel, check it our HERE.
But I tried it again using a thick cream so I wouldn't have any residue left over. 

Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream [Review here -> CURLS]


Nicole Charnel

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Making Changes


Not the bed things to call yourself but they are true.
I am also...

But those traits are hard to see sometimes because the bad ones are in the way.
I want to be better, do better. Be my maximum. Productive. I just need to get rid of the bad qualities.
To do that, I'm changing some things about my day to day life.

My day will start at 7:30 am no matter what! I tend to lay in the bed quite late. I am ashamed to say. But I am going to do this no longer. Unless Im sick or legitimately not feel in well, I'm getting UP!

Make a plan/schedule for the week and stick to it! Each day I will have a task and I will complete it. No slacking and no excuses.

Add some motivation to my daily life. Keep my mind moving and on a creative track. This way, I will be able to keep up with my creative outlets (my blog and youtube) and they will continue to be successful!

I am determined to make great habits for myself and better myself in all things that I do. I will be a better child of God, mother, youtubber, blogger, makeup artist, etc. Just keeping my goals in mind and not allowing myself to slack off anymore

You ever go through moments like this? Let me know how kick start a change. Leave me a comment below!
As always, thanks for reading.
Nicole Charnel

Monday, September 22, 2014

Get Ready For Church With Me #2 [VIDEO]

Sundays are my GLAM Days! So I'm gonna bring you along, a least while I get ready.
Get Ready for Church with me! Hair, Makeup, Outfit. Whole look.

MOISTURIZER: Mary Kay Age Fighting Mositurizer
PRIMER: Boots No7 Beautifully Matte & Mary Kay Face Primer
CONCEALER: LA Pro Conceal & Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
FOUNDATION: Mary Kay Liquid & Covergirl 3-n-1
BLUSH: NYX Dusty Rose
CONTOUR: Iman Oil Blotting Powder
HIGHTLIGHT: ELF Highlighter & MAC Mineralizes Skin Finish
EYEBROWS: NYX Eyebrow Pencil & Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
LINER: L'Oreal Gel Liner & Rimmel Scandel-Eyes Kohl Pencil
MASCARA: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara & Mary Kay Lash Primer & Almay Triple Effect
LIPSTICK: Jordan Lip Pencil in Rock-N-Rose & Milani Lipstick in Naturally Chic

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As always, thanks for reading & watching.

Nicole Charnel

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Food: Pete Wings

Pete as in Texas Pete.
Best hot wings I ever made.
Season the wings. Dredge in flour.
Pan fry the wings till crispy.
Dip in butter n Texas Pete hot sauce.
Place in 300 degree oven for 10 min to bake on sauce.

Let me know if you try the recipe!
Nicole Charnel

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Healthy Living: Green Smoothie

- Two Handfuls of Spinach
- Half of Banana
- Spoonful of Pineapple Chunks
- Handful of Frozen Fruit (Mango, Peaches, Strawberries)
- A Cup of Mango Juice

Blend until nice and smooth.

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Summer Beauty Favorites [VIDEO]

All the beauty products that have been good to me this summer.
Please share your summer favorites below and let me know what products your taking in to autumn and winter.
I apologize for the length of this video, below are the times so you can skip head to certain sections.

BODY & SKIN: 0:14
HAIR: 3:04
MAKEUP: 4:02

Thanks for reading and watching!
Nicole Charnel

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Forgiveness of Me

How many years can you spend putting yourself in exile? In jail for just being yourself?
How many? I can say about 3...but thats just me.
Why? Why punish myself for being...myself?
Its just so wrong. So hated. So looked down upon.
By family. Friends. Outsiders.

Who really matters though? Family.
And will they still love you for being you? Yes.
Have they forgiven you for hurting them? Yes.

OK. Now its my turn.
I forgive ME.

I forgive me for loving with my whole heart. For giving everything when I thought it was warrented. It wasnt about the hurt in the end. It was about the love in the moment.

I forgive me for believing in the family I created. Believing that God was the center and He was going to guide because. The demise wasn't his fault. Definitely wasn't his idea. But you know what happens when humans get in the mix? we mess things up wit our own plans.

I forgive me for losing faith for a moment. It happens to everyone. We all need to fall so we see that we have messed up. Its ok. As long as we learn from it. Look at the ditch we are in. How it was created and learn; teach outselves how to get out of it. Then we reapply that great faith. Remember who Christ is! He will take care of me.

I forgive me for having fear. That standstill fear that makes you hold all your goodness in. You don't want to share it anymore for fear that someone else will use and abuse what you have to offer. Fear is understood...but not acceptable anymore. Christ came to claim all fear. It is irrational now. Fear has no place at the sound of his great name [lyric].

Now that I have forgiven me....time to move on.
Nicole Charnel

Nail: Trying Free Hand Splatter & Ombre Art

Nicole Charnel

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just To Be Clear...

Your selfish.
The worse part don't care that you are.

Lets just consider the fact that GOD IS REAL [not consider, its a fact].
How do you think he looks at your selfishness? With Happiness? With Joy?

And me telling you, makes no difference. Your selfishness will STOP you from hearing, reading, or seeing the truth.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Nicole Charnel

The Braid Out [VIDEO]

Braid Outs have been my favorite set style lately. Stretches my hair, thats the best part! Elongated kinks for a full look. Using minimal products, as long as you can braid, you can do this simple style.
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Thanks for reading and watching!
Nicole Charnel

Monday, September 15, 2014

Speak it, Words Are Power

I will be self employed, independent and stable!
Waking up every day to do what I love. No excuses. NO compromises.
I will be supporting myself and supporting my children.
Walking in my path that God created for me. An inspiring, independent woman.

Thank you Lord for the desire and drive. And for the blessings to come.
Nicole Charnel

The Wicked Queen Had it Wrong

It's not about what they think is's about what I think is beautiful.
After a lifetime of living with myself, I have learned to love the flaws. I have just recently done a tag video on this, I will link it below. But flaws are something I have overcome, praise The Lord.
One that bothered me for some time was my large forehead. It is more like a five-head but who's counting.
Check out my video for how I overcame.

Nicole Charnel

Friday, September 12, 2014

So I Could Feel Grown Up....

I got some bills that I didn't need.
Credit cards. Yup. The evil that they are! LoL!
Some time necessary but most of the time a burden and hard to manage when you don't actually know how to manage your money!
So when you turn 18. You get a credit card to help you buy...Christmas present for your family.
You have a job so you THINK you know how to pay back the card...
Nope. It doesn't work out.
10 years later, you still have they carson your credit. You go to buy a house and it just sets you back a step and some money.

It doesn't make you grown. Just puts you in debt.
Don't fall for the trick!

Nicole Charnel

Give a Little Praise

Everyone enjoys a little praise.
The best kind I think is when you were not even trying. Someone notices something about you that you didn't yourself.
Lately I haven't been paying attention to my weight. No exercising or dieting. But others seem to be noticing a change. I enjoy getting a compliment on my weight loss. I haven't actually loss weight in months!
Sometimes it encourages me to continue in the path. Even if I have gotten off for a bit. Continue to eat health, keep the compliments coming.
A lil shallow sounding but like I said, every one enjoys a little praise. Cut yourself some slack and bask in the compliment.
Then you can take that praise and give it to another as well! Give someone else a moment to enjoy themselves. Small words can have big effects. You never know who may need that encouragement. 
I know somedays, I do.

Nicole Charnel

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Updated Eyebrow Routine [VIDEO]

This is my updated eyebrow routine. This routine can be used for those of us that have sparse or half-missing brows. If you have any questions or request, leave them below!
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ELF Spollie (Eyebrow Brush)
NYX Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown
Milani Brow Wax
LA Pro Conceal in Toffee

Nicole Charnel

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Love is a Choice...For Sure

Its not a sudden feeling that comes upon you. Its a decision that you make.
It is not affection. It is love. You choose to love. You make the choice every day. If you don't decide, you don't love.

Nicole Charnel

3 Things Standing in My Way




Just myself...

Nicole Charnel

Currently Anticipating Success

I have been working on my blog and youtube channel for a year now. I haven't always put my best into them; if I want them to be successful, I have to start!
I know what my purpose is, my execution is a little rocky though. How can I have such big dreams but so little production.
Sometimes I just want everything at once. I know, mistake. I need to narrow my wants. Put them in line and order so I can achieve them. Be reasonable, Nicole!

After a year, I have 13 blog subscribers and 440 youtube subscribers. I am loving the upward trend and hoping [anticipating] my success to continue. I know I have to continue to work for it.

What are you currently anticipating to happen in your life?

Nicole Charnel

Monday, September 8, 2014

My Body [Under Construction]

My body is currently under construction.
We are hoping to undergo a serious transformation. Out with the old, in with the new.
Just some extra weight. It will all be explained better in a future post [September 29th, to be exact].
Check back for more!

Nicole Charnel

I'm Grateful For...

Being a child of God. To be one of His chosen vessels. Without Him where would I be?
I don't thank Him nearly as much as I should.
Because of Him, I can be grateful for bills being paid, children being fed, clothes on our backs.
The simple things.

Nicole Charnel

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Don't Fix Me, Love Me

God does not make there is no need to try and fix me.

I'm emotional, I mean beyond the average female. I few years ago, I looked at it as a curse. It was consuming me. I felt like I couldn't function without the fear of an emotional breakdown. I would try so hard to fight it and reject it that I would end up exploding.
No bueno.

Then I thought, since holding back clearly wasn't working. Why not try to embrace the emotion. Use it to work with me and stop trying to contain it. I started blogging and youtubing. My emotion became my asset instead of a crutch. 
I used it to fuel my passions and help me get my blogging started. I still have to work on something's but I can say my emotions don't get in the way anymore. I look to them more often to use in my own way. Instead of an emotional breakdown, I can have a creative outburst. 
Because I accepted my emotions, I realized the blessing in them.
Nicole Charnel

I Shouldn't...But I'm Gonna


Just thinking about it makes me want to scream LAZY! But I'm so tired and just worn. I hardly get time to just bask in a sea of relax.
So tomorrow...I'm having a love affair with my bed [in the words of Jess Ann].

Nicole Charnel

Be a Representative...Of Me

Sometimes, money is right. And sometimes it's tight. Can't always get the extra things you want. So just wait until you get a break and then treat yourself for maintaining. At least that's what I do.
Just don't let it consume you. It get you down. Spending too much brain power on how to fix a situation that you need to just ride out. 

When I find myself obsessing and worrying [over anything, not just money], I also notice my mood is quite the opposite of normal. 
I tend to be smiley, chipper, and postive. But then the worrying takes me to the negative. It blocks my usual and turns me out.
Sometimes I catch it and some times I don't. It can get so bad, others take notice and have to break me out my funk.
I need to remember, its just not worth it. Don't waste your [my] energy even getting into a funk. Just breathe, pray,  and hand it over.

Hold on to who you are. Rep it everyday.
As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

Thursday, September 4, 2014

100% [Mission Statement of My Life]

To be an inspiration everyday of life, to everyone that I meet and come in contact with. Let them know that they are special, they have a purpose in life for God, themselves, and others.

I havent been living up to my own mission! Not even 50%! I need to do better.
Lets start with a goal, shall we! I love a good goal.
Inspire at least one person daily. Make it a point to give inspiration in any way posible.

Inspriration is more than just a creative boost. Its encouragment, letting them know that they can reach their highest goal. Its love to another. Kindness in a pure and simple form.
It may not be nessecary but sometimes its a lifesaver.
Without inspiration, I wouldnt be writing this blog! Looking to inspire someone else. The little things, they mean so much.
As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

My Foundation Routine [VIDEO]

Here it is! My flawless, simple, lit-from-within FOUNDATION ROUTINE! I was inspired by Jackie O of to do my fountain this way. Once I gave it a try, I fell in love with the finished look this gave me. To be highlighted without being over done (which I had done in the past).

❤ My Skin Care Routine:

MOISTURIZER: Mary Kay Age Fighting Mositurizer
PRIMER: Boots No7 Beautifully Matte & Mary Kay Face Primer
CONCEALER: LA Pro Conceal & Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
CONTOUR: Iman Oil Blotting Powder
HIGHTLIGHT: ELF Highlighter & MAC Mineralizes Skin Finish
MASCARA: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara & Mary Kay Lash Primer & Almay Triple Effect
LIPSTICK: Revlon Lipstick in 'Rose Velvet'

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As always, thanks for reading & watching.

Nicole Charnel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Elephant in the Room [Favorite Mistake]

Ok....I know you [everyone] have noticed...I'm not with my husband anymore.
Yea. Its real. And hard to explain but bottom line is I am husband-less.

Just to put the disclaimer out there, cuz someone maybe thinking it [in a classically hurtful way] I'm not looking for pity.
It's a sad fact of life that marriages break up and don't last. Whether it is this day-in-age or just a common thing that has been around forever, it happens sometimes. Of course you can look for reasons, signs, tells. But in my case I will say, it just happened.

But I can also is my Favorite Mistake.
Out of it I received the best of me and the best of him. Two gloriously beautiful children [blessings] that I wouldn't give back, change, exchange, for nothing. Just the simple blessing of being able the mother children is enough.
Not saying I am happy my marriage ended, just saying that I can see the blessing that I got out of it.

Sometimes we make bad choices or wrong turns in life. Go down the bad path that God doesn't want us to take. The funny thing is, thanks to his unmerited grace and mercy...HE BLESSES US ANYWAY. It is so undeserving and so amazing.

Continuing on to the future. Not looking back. Living in today. Thanking God for the blessings.

Address the elephant in your room. Clear the air. Take a deep breath. Move Forward.
As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

6 Word Poem [Joy Snatchers]

Joy to Get
And Give

To Inspire. To be inspired. Its a breath of fresh air. Its a fresh piece of pie. Its a warm slice of cake. A clean pair of sneakers. Just something good and full of goodness.

As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

Start.Stop.Continue. [In the Next 5 Years]


I want to start from here and now. No need to go back to the beginning because the past in the past. No need to dwell on it. Stay in it. even remember it in more than a lesson.
Better to remember the here and now. Start from now.
God is a God of TODAY!

Stop here and remember this moment. Think of it as a smell that takes to back to an awesome memory. It will remind you of that happiness, excitement, joy, thrill of the moment you decided to kick start and go. So stop here and now, smell the pure love in the air.

Continue now with all the vigor and momentum that you can find. It is a new beginning for it all. No more hang ups and stops. No more excuses or purposed mistakes. Just movement and the future. Thats all that is ahead.

In the Next 5 Years...

My blog will be my career. It will be all about inspiring others. From beauty to makeup. Natural Hair to Mom Life. Christian walk and most importantly, keeping God first.
Everything that I live and breathe and do will be spilled out into my online persona. And it will work for me as I work for it.
In the Next 5 years I won't be trying to make it work. It will be working for ME

As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

New Season [Happy September]

As always, I want challenge myself. As always, I don't stay committed. But I continue to want to better myself, my craft. In itself, it is a commitment. But really its just a dream that i never let go and never do anything about.
Do better, Nicole.

One of my favorite bloggers, GG Renee, has started a 30 Day Self Discovery Challenge.
I honestly don't really understand it. Am I suppose to write something everyday? Or just think about myself? Discovery my layers and then what? I don't know.
So I am going to makeup (make up, see what I did there?) my own rules and combine it with a writing challenge from Kimberly Luxe.

So here are the two....

I think...I CAN do this! I will commit and I will complete.
Eve tho I am already starting late....Better late than never.
Day 1 and Day 2 will be combined and will be up later today!

Stay with me.
As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel