Friday, September 12, 2014

Give a Little Praise

Everyone enjoys a little praise.
The best kind I think is when you were not even trying. Someone notices something about you that you didn't yourself.
Lately I haven't been paying attention to my weight. No exercising or dieting. But others seem to be noticing a change. I enjoy getting a compliment on my weight loss. I haven't actually loss weight in months!
Sometimes it encourages me to continue in the path. Even if I have gotten off for a bit. Continue to eat health, keep the compliments coming.
A lil shallow sounding but like I said, every one enjoys a little praise. Cut yourself some slack and bask in the compliment.
Then you can take that praise and give it to another as well! Give someone else a moment to enjoy themselves. Small words can have big effects. You never know who may need that encouragement. 
I know somedays, I do.

Nicole Charnel

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