Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Start.Stop.Continue. [In the Next 5 Years]


I want to start from here and now. No need to go back to the beginning because the past in the past. No need to dwell on it. Stay in it. even remember it in more than a lesson.
Better to remember the here and now. Start from now.
God is a God of TODAY!

Stop here and remember this moment. Think of it as a smell that takes to back to an awesome memory. It will remind you of that happiness, excitement, joy, thrill of the moment you decided to kick start and go. So stop here and now, smell the pure love in the air.

Continue now with all the vigor and momentum that you can find. It is a new beginning for it all. No more hang ups and stops. No more excuses or purposed mistakes. Just movement and the future. Thats all that is ahead.

In the Next 5 Years...

My blog will be my career. It will be all about inspiring others. From beauty to makeup. Natural Hair to Mom Life. Christian walk and most importantly, keeping God first.
Everything that I live and breathe and do will be spilled out into my online persona. And it will work for me as I work for it.
In the Next 5 years I won't be trying to make it work. It will be working for ME

As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

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