Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The world could use a lot more LOVE.
Just in general love. For your neighbor. Your friends. Your sister. You daughter. Your husband.

Start at home. From the moment you wake up, to give love to everyone you encounter. All day spreading smiles, encouragement, joy, and peace. It would change not only your day, but the day of anyone you encountered.

I never had to ask for love or long for love. My mother and father gave it out in spades. My sisters and brothers always expressed their emotions (not always love but most of the time, lol). Even my friends! We make it a point to tell each other we love on another every time we get together or part.
Love is an everyday thing for me.

But for some, they have never experienced this love. And even though they may not know what they are missing, their lifestyle and choices have reflected the lack of this emotion.
Sometimes it makes them seek love in everyone they encounter.
Sometimes it makes them reject any type of love.
Sometimes it makes love an unexplained mystery to them.

But if they had just gotten it, they may be more inclined to spread it. Allow it to multiple in their life and the people around them.

Love is beautiful and disastrous at the same time. Powerful at all times.
Giving it should be received with the utmost reverence. But because some people don't even know what it is, it isn't always such a joyous occasion.

Give more love. We all need it.

Nicole Charnel

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