Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Elephant in the Room [Favorite Mistake]

Ok....I know you [everyone] have noticed...I'm not with my husband anymore.
Yea. Its real. And hard to explain but bottom line is I am husband-less.

Just to put the disclaimer out there, cuz someone maybe thinking it [in a classically hurtful way] I'm not looking for pity.
It's a sad fact of life that marriages break up and don't last. Whether it is this day-in-age or just a common thing that has been around forever, it happens sometimes. Of course you can look for reasons, signs, tells. But in my case I will say, it just happened.

But I can also is my Favorite Mistake.
Out of it I received the best of me and the best of him. Two gloriously beautiful children [blessings] that I wouldn't give back, change, exchange, for nothing. Just the simple blessing of being able the mother children is enough.
Not saying I am happy my marriage ended, just saying that I can see the blessing that I got out of it.

Sometimes we make bad choices or wrong turns in life. Go down the bad path that God doesn't want us to take. The funny thing is, thanks to his unmerited grace and mercy...HE BLESSES US ANYWAY. It is so undeserving and so amazing.

Continuing on to the future. Not looking back. Living in today. Thanking God for the blessings.

Address the elephant in your room. Clear the air. Take a deep breath. Move Forward.
As Always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

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