Saturday, September 6, 2014

Don't Fix Me, Love Me

God does not make there is no need to try and fix me.

I'm emotional, I mean beyond the average female. I few years ago, I looked at it as a curse. It was consuming me. I felt like I couldn't function without the fear of an emotional breakdown. I would try so hard to fight it and reject it that I would end up exploding.
No bueno.

Then I thought, since holding back clearly wasn't working. Why not try to embrace the emotion. Use it to work with me and stop trying to contain it. I started blogging and youtubing. My emotion became my asset instead of a crutch. 
I used it to fuel my passions and help me get my blogging started. I still have to work on something's but I can say my emotions don't get in the way anymore. I look to them more often to use in my own way. Instead of an emotional breakdown, I can have a creative outburst. 
Because I accepted my emotions, I realized the blessing in them.
Nicole Charnel

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