Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My main goal: TO INSPIRE

I want to inspire YOU!!
I just figured it out, duh Nicole.
At first I thought I had a desire to blog because I wanted to be an Online Celebrity. And I honestly felt bad about it. Like I knew I shouldn't be doing it for that reason, that's just TOO selfish.
Then after readying a few blogger bio's I realized the similarity, they all want to INSPIRE! They want to touch some that needs help. Encourage someone that is scared or nervous. Make a difference in someone's life!
They want to inspire you!
Sometimes I think, who am I to inspire or motivate anyone? I been through some crazy things. Been knocked down, to rock bottom and in my opinion still not standing up right yet. Why should anyone listen to me?
But It isn't that it? The reason why you listen to someone's story, someone's journey is because they have learned how to get out of it and to maintain in the chaos! That way you can look at them and say to yourself "Well if she can fight through that storm, why can't I fight through mine?!"
I want to inspire you!
So that's what I am going to do! We are gonna figure this things out together! And as we do, as we journey, we are going to inspire others to do the same! Stop making excuses. Take control! Inspire yourself and someone else!

Nicole Charnel

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