Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Addiction: Natural Hair

I am always getting addicted to something!

I don't know why but when I find something interesting, I just immerse myself in it! I read about it. YouTube it. Find it in my everyday life. Think about it constantly.
Then next thing you know...addicted.

Oh well, that's just me.
So my current addition: NATURAL HAIR.
Already started a blog (Natural Brownies - A Journey to Natural Hair). Started my hair journey in January. And changed the rest of my life in one decision! LoL!
It wasn't even my idea. My cousin Jessica told me she was considering going natural.  She showed me some natural hair videos of black women that have grown their natural hair (kinks, coils, and all) as long as mid-back and more! I was floored and complete HOOKED after that moment.  The last few months, i have spent all of my free time doing natural hair research, reading books and blogs, and playing with my own hair.

Jess just shakes her head at my addiction...I blame her for this!

Nicole Charnel

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