Friday, April 19, 2013

Journey to a FLAT Stomach

2013 is the ‘Year of the Journey’ for me! I don't know why but it seems like every month I want to start a new journey or set a new goal.  I suppose that is good, that I am trying to better myself but bad if I don’t intend to keep to my goals and reach them (which is what I have done in the past, give up).
But I am determined that this year will be different. Each goal I set, I intend to keep!

Next goal or journey up is for my weight and health!
Now I have been thinking about this forever, like most people who are according-to-society-obese. And especially since I had my latest bundle, Natalee Dionne. But I want to be and FEEL healthy.
I teach liturgical dance and I have a very active 2 year so I move a lot in my spare time. And it is not cool huffing and puffing all the time! I am so over it!

So I set some goals!
My goals are a little different than the norm because I am not going off my weight, I am mostly working towards what I want to look like.
Flat Stomach
No plus sizes (1X or bigger)

LoL, strange goals, yes. But I just want to feel beautiful and look it as well. I hate that I have to buy plus size pants and dresses because my stomach is plump and my thighs are plump. Then at the same time, I love my boobs! Which are cup size, H (for HUGE, lol). And I love my butt and the curve of my hips! So I don’t intend to be a skinny 140 with no curves. I want to keep the stuff I love and look like the sexy, sultry, curvy woman I am in my mind, lol.
Moving on…

I actually started my journey after my C-section recovery.
Here is where I began:
9 month pregnant weight: 220lbs
2 weeks after birth weight: 212lbs
5 weeks after birth weight: 200lbs.

I don’t count the 20lbs I lost in two months because that was mostly my gorgeous Nat, lol. But it did come off kind of fast and I blame the breast feeding (which I stopped after a month, I couldn’t deal).
Anyway, I am going to keep my starting weight at 200. Which is also what I weighted before I got pregnant.

March weight (my official start): 200 lbs
Current weight (April 1st): 186 lbs

14 lbs gone already!! O YEA!!

My Exercise Regime:
I started strong and was working out daily for about 3 weeks, then I went back to work and got a little tired (lazy).  But I am now back to 5-6 days working out for 30-45 min.

My Diet:
I did start with weight watchers but I am so bad at tracking the points! And I never use the receipt tools or buy any of their products. It is turning out to be a waste of money. I am definitely going to cancel my membership.
So now I am just restricting my foods. NO fast food. One dessert/treat per week. Heavy on the salad and veggies. Low on starches/carbs. So far just being food conscious is working so I am going to stick with that. WATER, WATER, WATER! I am so bad at drinking water but I am definitely trying.

First month really spoiled me (14 lbs though, oh yes) so I am trying to not get too excited. I know it is going to slow down. I just can’t let it go up! Ugh!
Anyway, I’m staying FOCUSED…no matter how much I want chocolate, lol.

Nicole Charnel

April 2013

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