Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Natural Hair Update: April

April Natural Hair Update

Oh, April...my hair did NOT enjoy you, lol.
I thought it was smooth sailing, wondering why I wasn't having struggles like other naturals. Then April hit, smh.

Anyway, just a quick update on whats going on with my hair.

HAIR GROWTH  & HEALTH: I can tell my hair (especially at the roots) is getting more healthy. Thanks to my regimen & my new healthy lifestyle (go me!) my hair is growing as well. I haven't done another length check and I probably won't because I am constantly trimming (chopping) off my damaged ends.

TEXTURE: I am still working with two textures. I am definitely not a fan but it is do-able. Although it is not relaxed hair vs natural hair. It is heat damaged hair vs natural hair. And the damage is not healing up like I hoped it would.

STYLES: I am doing mostly twist-n-curls because my ends are still bone straight. I love them, yes. And they turn out super cute, but it constantly reminds me that I have damaged ends.

PROBLEMS: I am still struggling with hair breaking. I am trying to figure out which protein my hair likes best.

As more of natural hair grows in and some of my hair reverts (the not-so-damaged parts), I am getting the BC-urge. All you naturalista's know what I mean! That urge you get when you see your hair curl up perfectly and you just want to grab the scissors to get ride of all the damaged/relaxed hair that is holding your curl back! LoL! Yup, that one.
My original plan was to just nurse my hair back to health. But then I found out that it was least likely that my severely damaged hair would revert all the way.
Next plan was to grow my hair out for a year and trim off my damage as I go.
But I didn't make it and...I cut my hair! Yup, its gone! Stay tuned for a full update.

Overall, a good month in my hair journey. Still moving forward and still loving being natural.

Stay natural, ladies


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