Friday, December 27, 2013

Giveaways for the New Year

I did my first giveaway on my youtube channel last week and I already have another one planned. I am still reeling from the excitement!

Even though only a few have entered, I am excited to pick a winner and give stuff away! Lame, maybe, but it could just be my genuine love for giving gifts!
That is my favorite part of Christmas or birthdays [or any gift-giving event, lol]. Picking a gift one would love and giving it to them knowing they are excited to receive it. YAY!

Because of my giving spirit, I have had a thought to do monthly giveaways in the the upcoming year 2014.
At first when I thought of this, I worried about people thinking I am just trying to get views and subbies and numbers. That it wouldn't be from the heart but from a business stand point...even though I have not business, lol.
But then I thought...who cares! I want to give because I enjoy it! Showing love and charity for no particular reason is one of my favorite things to do.!
I do it in my every day life so why not do it for the strangers and friends that support me and follow me.
WHY NOT?!?! Sorry, didn't mean to scream at your eyeballs, lol.

So pushing aside my worries of what people will think of me, I'm going to do it!
As I stated, I want to do monthly giveaways but I think it is best that I play it by ear [to see how that works with both my bank account and the response of my readers/viewers].
Make sure you check by here and also my other social networks, as well as youtube so you can be aware of the giveaways as they come up.

Since I am doing a New Years Giveaway, the next one will be the beginning of February...stay tuned!
As always, thanks for reading!


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