Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flat Stomach: Week 5 Update

Just keep pushing...Just keep pushing.
This week was another hard one, geesh. I really had to push myself and encourage myself.
Why is it getting harder? I thought it was suppose to get easier?

If you read my post from last week, you know that I had a lazy week 4. So this week I really needed to push to not only get back on track, but regain my momentum.
Of course it was a slow start. I missed the first day of my work out week (Monday). Smh. Not looking good, lol.
Tuesday I was good. Up at 5, not 4:30 but at least I got up.
Wednesday is when it got bumpy. Baby girl woke up just as I was about to exercise so I had to go take care of her. This caused me to miss my morning exercise. I didn't want to skip another day though, so I exercised that night.
Same thing happened on Thursday and Friday, evening exercising.
Plus side to evening exercising, I get to sleep a little later. And I do enjoy my sleep.

This coming week, I'm changing to evening exercising. I hope the change will be good and keep me from getting bored/distracted/lazy. I also purchased some wrist/ankle weights that I am going to begin using. I loved my toned arms when I was in high school. I use to make sure I did extra arms in weight training and I had tons of sleeveless top. Nowadays, if I am wearing a sleeveless top, I take care to hide or minimize my flabby arms on some way. If not, they tend to look larger than my head...no joke. Nope, not cute.

Last, but not least...my current weight. I am actually dreading this because I am scared that my slacking has decreased my potential loss. Or even worst, made me gain weight.
The last time I weighted myself (6 weeks ago) I was 186.
My current weight is:

Ugh...3lbs. At first I was disappointed. I almost didn't add it to this post, smh. Then I told my sis, she immediately reacted positively. I expressed my sadness, she laughed and said "Honey, you lost weight!" No matter what, its a step in the right direction. To see those numbers getting smaller and smaller!
Seeing my weight also let me know that I really need to get stricter with my diet. I think I need an actual plan....winging it is no longer cutting it.
New plan of attack coming soon!

Nicole Charnel

When your trying to lose weight, how often do you weigh yourself?


  1. Never!! Scales are evil! I threw out my scale so that I could stop stepping on it 5 times a day and started recording my measurements instead. If you are burning fat while building muscle the scale may not reflect it. Start taking your measurements instead for more accuracy

    1. You make a great point! Thanks for the tip. Definitely going to start measuring from now on. Cuz I feel myself getting smaller, teh scale is just playing with my emotions! LoL, thank you tho!