Thursday, May 2, 2013

May, A Challenging Month

I never thought of May this way.
As a challenge...but it seems many of other people do!

The Abs Challenge
The Squat Challenge
The Green Smoothie Challenge
The Weight Loss Challenge
And these are just the ones I have seen these last couple of days or prior.

My first thought, people are bored, lol.
But really it is more like people are trying to be better! To better themselves so they feel better ABOUT themselves!
I love that! Mostly because that is what I am doing, lol. But also because by doing these challenges and sharing them with others you are holding yourself accountable and possibly inspiring someone else.
Think about's deep, lol.

So what challenge should I choose for myself?
Well it definitely has to be a photo challenge, since I think of myself skilled in iPhone-photography.
And it would be nice if it had to do with natural hair, since it is a current obsession.

As I was reading one of my favorite natural hair blogs yesterday morning, the perfect challenge fell right in my lap!
The Curly and Fit May Photo a Day Challenge by Lexi With The Curls

This challenge combines both natural hair, photography, and weight loss!
Plus there is a possibility of being a giveaway winner!
Done, sign me up! LoL!
Follow me on Instagram to see my pics and watch me reach my goals.

Nicole Charnel

What challenge are you joining in on this month?

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