Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flat Stomach: Week 2 Update

Another week down and I am still feeling motivated.

      I feel like I am already to the point that I crave the workout rather than dread it! Although the mornings are still rough, I usually bride myself to get out of bed. How do I do this, you may ask? I think, if I am still tired after I exercise, I will just call out of work, lol. So far so good though, haven't had to call out yet!
Even though my body is tired after my workout, I still feel energized.

      This week I also bettered my food choices and added Green Smoothies to my diet. And they are addicting and delicious!

      They not only make me feel better, health wise, they also help me make great food choices. If I start the day with something healthy, I tend to crave healthy things and what to continue with that. Don't get me wrong now, I still crave my Magnum bar and a slice of pizza, lol. But less often! If you haven't already, you should try one! I will make sure I do a post on my recipe.

      All in all, a great week! I am feeling even better and enjoying this new healthy life style.  SN: I haven't been tracking my actual weight because my main focus is a look, not a number. The last time I weighted myself was two weeks ago. But I will be sure to let you all know know my weight after a month, my week 4 update.

Nicole Charnel

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