Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inspiration: Dare to be Shameless

SHAME: a negative emotion that combines feelings of dishonor, unworthiness, and embarrassment; capacity to feel unworthy
SHAMELESS: not feeling shame, untroubled or unaffected by shame, especially in situations where others would be ashamed

Have you ever been 'shameless' about anything in your life? Just gone all out, no looking back, giving it your all, shameless?
I'm sure you have.
Now think...was it something of worth...Did it change anything with you or your life? Make you better? Make you more of yourself? Help you reach a destination? Or was it just pointless?

Many things we do in life we do just because. No reason, no back story, just something to do. But to do something in your life that sets you on track for who you are suppose to be, what you are suppose to do, and ultimately catapults you into the position of being YOU...that right there, that's something.

I am currently a YouTube and blog junkie. Through me searching the web, watching tons of videos, reading tons of blogs, I come across some interesting things. The most interesting thing or person that I have came across so far is 'Shameless Maya'. This woman is so inspiring to me! Her story is amazing, so is her work and her shameless-experiment.

When Maya stared her 'Shameless Experiment' - April 2012

After she shaved her hair - April 2013
To sum it up, last April she started a 'shameless journey' of shamelessly promoting herself and her work for a year. Her goal was to build confidence in herself and to overcome fears.
When I came across this journey just last week (read into it and watched all her videos) I realized, this is what I want to do! Not in the sense of how she did it (not shaving my head, lol) but in the sense of figuring out myself and facing my fears. Being shameless in all that I do, so I can be inspiring to others!

As I have already named this year 2013 'The Year of the Journey', I am adding another!
My own shameless journey. Not to copy exactly what Maya did, not an experiment to last a certain time. But a journey to the end! To ultimately conquer my fears and reach my destination. The destination of being me, no matter what others may think, I'm gonna do me. 100% Nicole Charnel, how God made me and intended me to be!

Nicole Charnel

Do you think being shameless will help conquer personal fears?

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