Monday, May 20, 2013

Flat Stomach: Week 4 Update

Week 4 equals LAZY WEEK.
Ugh, I can't believe what I did this week...or what I didn't do, smh (that means shaking my head, mom).
I didn't exercise this week...AT ALL.
Yea...I know...uh huh...yup...go ahead, let me have it. I deserve it, lol.
I don't know what happened...well I do a little bit. Part of it was just pure lazy, part was lady issues (sorry gents, lol), part of it was pure exhaustion, and part I was in my feeling in a bad way! SO MUCH!
Whatever it was, I am totally regretting it. And whats worse, I encouraged my awesome (ratchet) brother to start Insanity with me and then I didn't even get up with him! Tragic, I know.
Only plus is I kept with my healthy eating. Prayerfully, the lack of exercise won't allow me to gain weight, just maintain...we shall see.

Anyway, break over...back on my grind!
For those who follow me on IG and Twitter know I am totally feeling my results thus far. My legs look AMAZING in some tights or skinny jeans, lol. And my stomach is noticeably flatter, just not where I want it to be. So onward and upward to that epic body that I want!

Nicole Charnel

P.S. I didn't weigh myself because I felt like I didn't deserve the reward of seeing my weight drop in numbers. Reward to weight yourself? Yes! I love seeing that number drop! So next week for sure.

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