Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flat Stomach: Week 3 Update

Week 3 of total weight loss journey, eating right and exercising!
Week 4 of Insanity workout complete!

I am so frickin' proud of myself! I can't believe I have made it this far already and have stuck with it!
I am not athletic.
Not a fan of sweating.
And definitely don't like loosing sleep but I have been doing this for 4 WEEKS!
It has even started getting harder to NOT exercise, lol. I mean, I actually feel bad if I don't .
Even if I am dead-tired in the morning, I may sleep past my 4:30-workout alarm BUT I will hustle to exercise that afternoon.

I am constantly feeling a difference in my body. Besides the fact that my knees crack as i walk up the stairs, lol, I am no longer out of breath when I reach the top. Yes, child. This thing was real!
I also have to wear a belt with my pants, love that! And curves are just looking better n better! LoL!

Next week I will be weighing myself again, finally. There's just something about actually seeing the numbers decrease. Last time I weighted myself was 3 weeks ago and I was 186lbs. Being in the 180's felt good but I am sure 170's will feel even better!

Nicole Charnel

Have you started your fitness journey yet?

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