Friday, May 3, 2013

Shopping: Beauty Haul

Hey dolls!

      So my new haircut induced a mini shopping spree, lol. I mean, come on! I needed some hair accessories to accent my stellar cut, right! Plus, now that my hair is 100% natural and healthy, I also need some new hair products to try out and better my relationship with me and my hair.
Yes, this is how my brain works, lol.
So on the way home from my hair appointment, I made two stops; Sally's Beauty Supply and Claire's!

This is what I copped from Sally's...

      As always, when I shop, I go for the sales first. Especially with my natural hair products. Since I am just starting my journey, I am trying a lot of different things and products so I can see what my hair likes the best. But of course, I don't want to break the bank so I gave myself some rules.

  1. I cannot buy a new product until I have used all or the majority of the previous product.  This saves me money because I am only buy new product every month to month and a half.
  2. If there is a sample for the product I want to buy, try the sample first.  Samples are usually $0.90 to $5.00. Huge savings when the original price of the product is over $15.
  3. Try to buy product that is on sale.  This will still let me have variety seeing as different products go on sale at different times.
      So far, I have been doing a great keeping my rules...but it's only been a month, lol. We shall see.
Anyway, the Naturally Silk Elements products were on sale 2 for $12. Great sale, originally $8.99 or $9.99.
I purchased:
      I have like to purchase my products with in the same line because I think the creator intends them to go together. So for me to really test out how well they work, I need to test them together. 
I also purchased Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel. It wasn't on sale, however, it was only $6 and I REALLY wanted it, lol.
After I have used each product for a month, I will probably do a review. Be watching my natural hair blog for that.

This is what I got from Claire's...

      OMG...I love Claire's...and for so many reasons! They always have sales on their earrings. Which, for a person with 9 holes in their ears, that is amazing. Plus they have something for everyone! Edgy, chic, classy, sassy. Whatever your style, you can find something at Claire's.
      So of course I got some earrings. I can't wait to wear those peacock ones! And that red bow, yes. My favorite is, of course the pink bow. Yes, it is obnoxiously big but it is so me! I will post the pics when I wear these gorgeous accessories, just check back or follow me on instagram.
      The sales at Claire's was irresistible  All hair accessories were 'Buy One Get One 50% off'.  The earrings were 'Buy Two and Get One Free'. This assisted my spree, lol.

All in all, a great random shopping trip.  I currently have a goal to update my style and to fit it more to my personality, become a true fashionista! Check back for more hauls!

Nicole Charnel

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