Wednesday, July 31, 2013

That's it, You Pinned it: 6 Favorite Pins

If you don't have a Pinterest account, get on it!

NOW! I am addicted, see here.
There are so many creative, inspiring, beautiful things for you to soak up!
It is my #1 place I go when I need to get the right side of my brain moving at an acceptable rate, lol.
Just to get you over there quicker, here are my current favorite many? Uh...6 is good.

Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee...Let me count the ways...
Buttery. Sweet. Dense. Delicious. Pound Cake
Trying to get my fashionista activated. Love this style!
Must have...
Michael Ealy. This man...Thank ya, Lord!
Yes, the groom is wearing goggles as he goes to retrieve the garter! These pics are a MUST SEE!
Love her curls but mostly her pose! Just quirky and fun!

Inspiration Taken: Be you! No matter how quirky, silly, dramatic, or delicious!

Nicole Charnel

Do you have a Pinterest account yet?

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