Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Wishlist

I saw this 'wishlist' post on another blog that I read often and I really liked the idea!
I tend to just right down things like this in my notebook anyway. Mostly it is an item with a purpose. And then there is just those randoms things, LOL!
So I thought, why not share? ENJOY!

HAIR HOOKS: I have seen these in a few natural hair videos and I think they would be great for when I have my marley twist in. I always have trouble putting them in a pony.

TRIPOD: Since I have a natural hair blog and and I am trying to have an efficient YT channel, I want to be able to make the best videos I can. A tripod will be a great help.

DIY EARRING HOLDER: I saw this a couple weeks ago on Pinterest and I have been wanting to make my own ever since! As soon as I get the time (and push aside my worries of failing, lol) I am going to make my own!

NEW BEDDING: My current comforter, was originally my brothers. Enough said.

MAKEUP ORGANIZER: I have recently gotten into doing my makeup more often. Which has caused me to purchase more brushed, palettes, kits, etc. I need to get it organized, STAT!

VIDEO LIGHTING: Did I already tell you I have a natural hair YT channel with my cousin? Yea, check it out here!

Nicole Charnel

See something you like and already have on your wishlist? 

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