Sunday, July 21, 2013

SPS: Twisted Up Bun

Hey loves!
Summer's getting hot and still going strong. That means I'm still in my Summer of Protective Styling, three styles down.

My first two styles were Marley twist. You can see how they turned out here and here.
My third protective style was inspired by a natural hair vlogger, Jouelzy.
She has a couple of video's on her YouTube channel where she styles her hair in a bun with marley braid extensions (posted below).
So I decided to reuse the marley hair that I just took out of my twist and make my own bun updo.

Only problem is, my hair is cut in a bob (short in the back, long in the front). So I cannot pull my hair in the pony tail. You may be asking yourself, 'How did she do a bun updo??".
Watch my styling tutorial below and see how I achieved the "Twisted Up Bun".

Thanks for watching!
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Here are the video's I used as inspiration.

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