Saturday, July 6, 2013

Random: Subscription Boxes

Do you know what a subscription box is?
A subscription box is a monthly box that is delivered to you in exchange for a fee. Depending on the company you sign up with, you can get nail polish, makeup, hair care products, beauty products, etc.
A box full of (most of the time) sample or (sometimes) full size goodies that can give your makeup routine some variety. Or give you nail collection some pop. Or introduce you to some products that you never knew existed.
Yea...its real.
And I am just finding out about this!!
Smh...I have been missing out.

Now that I am finally in to loop, I can jump on this S.B. train and ride to my hearts content! LoL!
Tragic, I know. But how am I resist this opportunity? I cant...nope, don't try and explain or give me good reason (LoL) it won't work.

So I am currently attracted to two subscriptions: Julep and Ipsy.
Julep (or Maven Box) is for nail polish and beauty products.
Ispy (or Glam Bag) is for make up and beauty.

You start off by taking a quiz and then the results match up your style and the best products to go with your style.
I like this idea. I suppose that is the purpose...for people to like it. Nonetheless, I have to point out that I enjoy the idea that based on what I tell them I like, they are going to pick out and send me products that fit me.

Since I am trying to be my own personal nail tech, I think I am going with the Julep box first. Also, they have a coupon code for a free box. Win-Win.
I'll be sure to update and let you know how it turns out...if subscription boxes are worth the money you pay for them.

Nicole Charnel

Do you get any subscription boxes?

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