Thursday, June 20, 2013

SPS: Marley Twist, Take 2

As the summer continues (begins), so must the protective styling!

Last month I created a challenge for myself to promote my hair growth (and keep my hands out of my hair,). I'm calling it my Summer of Protective Styling.
Just in case you don't know, protective styling is when style your natural hair in a manner that keeps your ends protected. This allows low manipulation to your tresses and encourages maximum growth.

I started with the installation of Marley Twist, which I did myself. It was my first time attempting anything like this but I was determined. The end result wasn't terrible but not exactly the look I was going for either.
See here...
I kept them in a bun and ended up taking them out after a week...mostly because they were falling out, lol.

But because I am not a QUITTER (yes, the caps were necessary), I tried again.
Take 2...much better.

I did a few things different.
I didn't use gel. It made my hair hard to grip. For an amateur, grip is EVERYTHING. I just used a leave-in and shea butter.
I also used a different type of hair. Janet Collection and a no-name brand marley hair. I was suppose to have all of the same brand but Hair Stop and Shop, yea, don't ever order from them. They processed my order, took my money, then sent me an email the day my stuff was delivered that said they were refunding me half because they didn't have my hair.
O_O Really tho. I was more than a little upset. But I got my refund and went to find some hair of that color (I wanted a burgundy) but I had to settle for red. On plus side was the no-name brand was cheaper, I liked the feel better than the Janet Collection, and the red turned out beautifully.
The last thing I did different was I made my twists smaller. That means my hair took double the time (6 hours total) and I have double the amount of twist but I definitely like this look better.

Did I already say that I love this style?
Because I REALLY love this style!
And I'm going to keep doing it so I keep getting better, trust and believe.

PS on Deck: Faux Bun with Marley Hair
I'm really digging this marley hair.

Nicole Charnel