Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Natural Hair: Duh, Nicole.

I have been natural for 9 years, count 'em...9.
I should know what works for my natural hair by now right?
I know what works for my natural hair when PRESSED.

2008 - 4 years natural

2010 - 6 years natural
But my natural hair is in its CURLY state...I am definitely far from expert.

Looking back over old pics, I tried to remember what I was doing to my hair when it was looking healthy and retaining length.
I was using a product line call Etae (Carmelux).

This line was designed to help natural hair transition easily from curly to straight, back to curly. The line started with a deep conditioner (carmel treatment), an oil, a butter, and a nutrient rinse/spray. They later added a shampoo and a conditioner.
After I started using these products consistently, my hair really thrived. Though now that I look back, it was heat damaged but it was still retaining length.

Ok, so I don't want to use heat. But is there anything I can add to my regimen now that could be beneficial on this curly-hair journey?

THE DEEP CONDITIONER! Duh, Nicole. The carmel treatment is an all natural deep conditioner! Why didn't I think of this before?
The treatment includes honey, olive oil, bananas, molasses, cornstarch, water, vinegar, and wheat germ oil.  Simple ingredients right?

My favorite ingredients in this mixture are the first two: honey and olive oil.
Honey can be super beneficial for your hair. It is definitely a universal product for naturally curly hair. It can help prevent split ends, prevent dry scalp, add shine to your tresses, also help fight frizz and hair loss.
Olive oil is one of the few natural oils that can penetrate your hair strands. This factor makes it another universal hair product. It nourishes your strands and helps improve elasticity and strength.

Just by adding these two ingredients to my DC's, my hair is going to be so much more moisturized. Something I have learned: natural hair loves natural ingredients! It makes sense for the most pure ingredients to be the ones that are most helpful to your hair.

Nicole Charnel

Have you ever tried honey or olive oil in your deep conditioner?

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