Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random: My love for SHOES!

I will fully admit I have a shoe addition...or fetish.
I love a cute part of shoes!
I will stop a stranger on the street to tell them how bad their shoes are and ask them where they purchased them from. I need to know!
Love a cute pair of heels.
Or some comfy looking flats.
Or a high wedge.
Hmm...I'm getting excited just blogging about them! LoL!

Anyway, because of my shoe addiction, I have to keep myself on a budget. One, maybe two (if there is a sale) pairs of shoes a month. I have to already have an outfit to wear with them, I don't like buying shoes and then having to find an outfit. I also limit the amount of money I spend on that said pair of shoes.
Yea, I have to make rules for myself. Sad.

So while pinning some of my favs to my "Love. Those. SHOES!" board on my pinterest, I thought why not make it easier to keep my rules and join JustFab?!
If you don't know, JustFab is a website that sells shoes as well as handbags, jeans, jewelry, and dresses.  However, to purchase you must be a member. When you first sign up, you fill in a questionnaire and their stylist (computer, lol) figures out your style. Each month your get a list of shoes that fit your style. Same with the handbags. And there are also deals and specials throughout the month.
Oh yea, sounds like I'm in!
WARNING: This may possibility be an excuse to buy shoes consistently and monthly...maybe.
I have already decided on my first pair of shoes...
These shoes...give me serious. Ugh! Yup...I'm in.
Now what can I wear these with? Hmm...any suggestions?

Nicole Charnel

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