Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Back to School Beauty Essentials

School is starting, college is almost back in session. I am sure u have all your school supplies, but what about your beauty supplies? Can't be in class looking and feeling a hot mess! So I have five B2S Beauty essentials for ya!

Makeup Wipes. Get the refreshing kind! Sometimes school can stress you out, get u flustered. Go to the bathroom, wipe ur face with a refreshing wipe. Not only cleans your face. Helps remove that hot n bothered feeling and leaves u refreshed.

Hand Cream. All those homework papers, class schedules, school rules, etc. papers everywhere! And it just dries out ur hands. Keep some good hand cream around and keep ur fingers feeling healthy. Also, a good smell can help ease stress.

Lip balm. Same rules apply as with the hand cream. Deep breathes. Long girl convos in the hall. This may dry out ur lips. Keep ur kisser moisturized and u will be mush happier! A lip balm, Chapstick, moisturizing stain, whatever is your fav.

Mascara. Simple. Just apply before school and this gives your no-makeup face a made-up look. Also, fill in your brows and take yourself to the next level! These two steps will only take u 5 minutes before class!

BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer. A good one will even out ur skin tones and cover small blemished that come along with the stress of starting a new school year. If your feel confident about the way you look, your will be able to focus on the important things like assignments and who ur eating lunch with! LoL!

I hope these tips help you get prepared for stating school, college, or just another semester. let me know down below what u do to prepare and if any of these tips help you.
As always, thanks for reading!
Nicole Charnel

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