Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nails: Creamy Purple Mani

Subscription boxes, ugh. How I love thee.
My second Julep box came in and I got two more unique colors. 
A creme purple named: Sylvia 

And a creme mauve named: Veronica

I liked the purple the best, so I paired it with the tan I received in my first box. 

I loved how rich the purple was. The color came through well with one coat but I liked the result of two coats better. 

The polish lasted about 2 days without chipping, but I also have my hands in water a lot. My polishes tend to chip quick...might be my top coat as well. 

Overall, I definitely liked the color choices but I think I am going to cancel my subscription. At the beginning (well when I started doing my own manicures), I wasn't confident enough to pick my own colors. I guess I thought I was gonna mess them up or pick the wrong color for my skin tone. But the more I play with colors and try to build my collection, the more I realize it's all about what colors I like, not necessarily my complexion and matching. 

Also canceling will save me more money. I have been really focusing on my saving lately and my budget...but I will save the deets on that for a later post. cancel or not to cancel. Or I could just change my type of collection. Which collection next: 'It Girl' or 'Bombshell'?

Nicole Charnel 

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