Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eyes.Lips.Face Haul

If you have ever shopped in Target for makeup, you have seen this brand.
They are one of the cheapest but price doesn't always denote the quality.
E.L.F cosmetics has great variety and great products!
Especially if your testing out techniques (highlighting, contour, cat-eye, etc.), you can buy everything you need at a low price.

Anyway, now that I am done signing their praises, lol, E.L.F. is currently in their anniversary month and they new sales every day almost!
As you know, I am a sucker for a sale! So I had to get something.

Check out what I got!

So many goodies!
I purchased a train case, four lip stains, an eyebrow kit, translucent powder, oil blotting sheets, three brushes, face setting spray, and an eyeshadow palette.
How much do you think I spent? You will never guess!
Only $38! That includes shipping!

I just had to get the eyebrow kit, since I'm trying to perfect my technique 7 look. And the lips stains were also a must, trying to find the best colors for my complexion.

I definitely got a good sale on this one and added a lot of good essentials to my makeup collection that can help me get better with my application.

Now its time to play in my makeup!

Nicole Charnel

Do you own any E.L.F. products?

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