Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Success #30Layers30Days

How do I define success?
By how accomplished I feel at the end of the day. If I can get my whole To-Do List completed by there end of my small little 24 hours, I feel quite successful.
I use to measure by more than a day. Setting goals for years in advance. Once I reached a goal, completed an accomplishment, I would then feel successful.  The problem with this is it would take me too long to get to another accomplishment. Thus making the feeling of success few and far in the between.
Then it would take me months to then again feel successful.    *sigh*

Time to change it up.

So my goals became smaller. Easier to accomplish, complete. Then making me a quite successdul woman all in one day.
I didn't want to feel useless and purposeless...I wanted to feel more important. Instead of relying on another to make we feel as awesome as I am, I just looked at myself in this new light.

Each day I completed my TO-DO list. Each time I marked off something, I felt more and more successful. I could have been thinking that was pacifying myself and making my goals "baby-sized".
But I don't beat up my mind anymore.

Who cares if they don't think you do great things everyday.....you know the truth.

Nicole Charnel

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