Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet Waffles [Thursday Throwdown]

Breakfast is my favorite meal. To eat and to cook!
I will make waffles for dinner and lunch. Don't think I won't.
Although the frozen Eggos are good for on-the-go and....children. When i want  waffle, I like to make my own, not just heat it up.

What you need is...
Waffle Mix [Aunt Jeminma or Bisquick] 2 cups
Milk [1 1/2c]
Oil [3 tbsp]
Eggs [2 eggs]
Powdered Sugar [2 tbsp]
Butter Extract [1 tsp]

I know, they are not really from stretch, BUT they are quick and they taste homemade. Better than if they were just the kind you add water to.
Basically just follow the directions on the box and add some flavor. The powdered sugar give it a subtle sweetness and the extract give you straight flavor. And it doesn't have to be butter extract. You can choose vanilla, almond, cinnamon, etc. Whatever flavor you like.
Bake your waffles in the waffle iron as usual...and ENJOY!
This is just an easy twist on a simple waffle but after you taste it, you will never do ur waffles the simple [boring] way every again!

Like I said, this recipe is a huge favorite of mine and I hope you give it a try. If you like it, let me know or send me a pic at #ChefCharnel on Da 'Gram!
As always, thanks for reading!

Nicole Charnel

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