Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shop My Closet [Poshmark Closet]

With a shopping addiction comes closet overflow. I quickly run out a space, which leads to wearing an item once and then forgetting its there.
Next thing you know it is a year later and you have already replaced the item with another that is a favorite.
In my case, this leaves me with bags of shoes, handbags, & blouses that I love but no longer where or use.
To make my investment go a bit further and in the long run, help expand my brand, I have decided to open a Poshmark Closet.

I have currently listed some boots as well as some classic handbags!
Check them out and feel free to purchase! The proceeds I plan to continue to expand my blog & youtube channel, and ultimately my brand.

More to come!
And let me know if your looking for something specifically, I may have something similar.
As always, thank you for reading.

Nicole Charnel

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