Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For Transitioners & No BC: The KG Lifestyle

Due to my YouTube addiction, I have stumbled upon some great natural hair, beauty, makeup & fashion channels that are packed with loads of tips and information.
Sometimes tho, when your looking for something specific, it can be hard to shuffle through all of those channels you get when you search. Or you just don't have the time [patience] to find what you need.

So I thought I would lend you a hand and give you specific channels and people that have great tips. Of course they will will be geared toward a certain group or topic but I know there is someone out there looking for a good makeup product for oily skin. Or a hair product for thin hair. Or how about something for my kinky girls?
I hope to cover a wide range and any topic I can think of. But if you have any request or suggestions, just let me know in the comments below.

This one is for the women who want to transition to natural hair and the BIG CHOP is just not for them.
The KG Lifestyle is the perfect channel [and blog] for you.
Kala transitioned from heat damaged hair for two years all while keeping her hair between shoulder length and collar bone length.

She has a wide range of videos. From tips for transitioners...

Also why big chopping wasn't for her...

In addition to styles for blending two textures (natural & damaged)...

And she also speaks on her struggles...

Check her out if your going through the same thing or are thinking about going natural without chopping.

Hope you enjoy this new segment on my blog.
As always, thanks for reading!


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