Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Made Face with Dirty Brushes

So you have been playing in your makeup lately. Having fun with colors, certain looks, and new products.
Then you notice your face is starting to breakout a bit.
First you think it is some of the new products your using, so you go back to your staples.
But your face is still breaking out...what could it be?

Well when is the last time you have cleaned your brushes?
Yea, think about it. Your using these tools all over your face. The oils and dirty on your face are transferred back and forth. Not to mention possible bacteria that could grown from dirt in your brushed.
It is important to keep your brushed clean. The rate you clean them is, of course, dependent upon how often you use them. Just pick the same time very few weeks or every month. Pull out all your brushes and give them a good clean.

How should you or can you clean them? Here's a video from beauty activist, Ambrosia on just that subject.

Now start cleaning.
As always, thanks for reading!


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