Wednesday, June 17, 2015


What would make your day?
Right the midst of a horrible no good day....what would make it AWESOME...

A Shopping Spree.
I love to shop! But not just every other week go to a couple of stores...Naw.
I like to save up my money 3 or 4 months then go to a HUGE mall and put in WORK!  I come home with an arms full of bags and a full smile. Best days...

Dinner at my Favorite Restaurant.
Favorite restaurant hands down! Even ver high end spots like Ruth Chris. Yes. Best food. Best dessert. Best options. It so amazing.
So who taking me to dinner?

All Night Movies at the Drive-In.

I love movies. I love a movie marathon. SO I love with the drive-in does All Night Movies! 4 movies in the Spring, 5 in the summer. Yes...This is what I LOVE to do...Watch Movies!

Nicole Charnel

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