Monday, October 13, 2014

The Daniel Fast: Week 1

The end of week one and beginning of week two.

Missing my butter.  I use t for everything when cooking. Now I use it for nothing. Ugh.
But, for the cause!
Cooking consist of olive oil, vegetable stock, and spices.
I usually have a smoothie for breakfast [see my previous post, Healthy Green Smoothie].
Lunch is roasted potatoes. Dinner is when I (my sister, lol) get creative.
The most creative dinner so far is Stuffed Bell Peppers.
Big green peppers stuff with rice and veggies in soy sauce. DELICIOUS!

For my studies, I have been taking a look at matters of the heart. You have to remember what is in your heart defines you. A wicked man has a wicked heart and will do wicked things.

I need to make to point to watch out for my heart. Guard it from the wicked things an thoughts. Like we all should.

7 days down, 14 to go.
As Always, Thanks for Reading.
Nicole Charnel

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