Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I think I'm Going Mental

Why I think I am losing it.
It as in all my good sense.
My Children...push me to the edge. I am sure most single mothers have this feeling at times. You just want to pull out your hair. Start screaming. Throw some things around. You know...that same tantrum that your 1 year old is going through right now.

No....am I the only one? Well I will speck on it. I'm not ashamed!
Maybe a little.

But it is hard sometimes. This weeks particular turmoil is the potty. Training a 20-month old and keeping up with a 3 year old who HATES pooling [yea, its real] is just killing all my happy vibes right now.
The pull ups are always wet and I have thrown away too many underwear in the last two days. I refuse to waste another pair. This struggle...I might just lose.
Probably not but I will be giving up a few times.

Anyway, it is just one bad week. I have too many good ones under the belt to put me out the game.
Hang in there. Head up, chin high. And remember...you are the MOTHER!

Signed, a Mental Mother

Nicole Charnel

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