Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Spiritual Challenge: Get In The Bible

I am a Christian.
I proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.
I have just recently realized (and am trying to step into) the fact that my whole existence in this life and world is to glorify God.

That's it. Seems simple enough.
But we all Christians know, that is not true everyday.
It is a lifestyle though and I am happy and blessed to be living it.

This past weekend I attended a Women's Conference through my church, Shining Star Baptist Church (aka The Star). And it really jump started my heart, mind and spirit.
I have been praying about walking in my path and how I can change my current habits/lifestyle to do so. Well at the conference, this was addressed. How I can walk with Christ and How I can live in my destiny.

One way, and the first I will be implementing, is reading Gods word and storing it in my heart.
Really studying it and keeping it with me day to day.
Now I have a terrible memory and live a distracted life. So how can I keep the word in my mind and continue to go back to it daily?

First, I am going to make a Memory Verse Board for my room. Nothing like a good craft to keep you happy. I am going to hang it right by my door so I will see it exiting and entering my room, everyday. And every week I will pick a new verse to commit to memory.
Second, I am going to put myself on a daily schedule and keep up with it though alarms. I use my phone for everything else, right. We all do. Now I am going to make it even more productive and have it work for me.
Her name is Phoebe and I have just hired her as my assistant. She now keeps my schedule and handles all my calls, emails, text, etc, lol.
We as humans are creatures of habit! I am going to use my own basic functions to become a more productive person.

Even though this is not a typical challenge because it is not one set goal with a deadline to make it by, it is still a challenge. Its hard to break old habits (i.e.. Old habits die hard). Plus I am putting myself to the test. Becoming the woman of Christ I should be.

Interested in challenging yourself? Leave me a comment below and tell me how. We can correspond and keep each other uplifted!

As always, thanks for reading!


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