Thursday, December 31, 2015

DIY Glitter Gel

Happy New Years Eve!! Tonight a about celebration of seeing another year. SO lets bring along the glitter and hair gel!! LOL

I saw this is a couple of videos and i wanted to try it for myself because what crafty woman doesn't like glitter?!?!?

 I used some ECO Styler Gel, a small jar [4oz.], pink glitter [medium size] and a spoon to mix the gel.

 The reason I used the Aragon Oil ECO is because it was the one I had and also because the oil in the gel really makes difference in my hair,  

 Simply put, I scooped some gel in the jar, added the glitter and stirred it together. Easy.


I am about to test it out on my hair this moment! I will insert a picture of how it turned out.

Nicole Charnel

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