Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aunt Flo: Tips on Surviving

WARNING: I am talking about my monthly women cycle.
Just letting the 'gents know.

Each month it is a great struggle to make it through. Not sure why it hits so hard each time and I seem to forget how wasted I feel. Smh.
But nevertheless, I have to take care of my children, my home, and my self all while falling apart and bleeding to a-not-so-death.
Since I feel blindsided each month [LOL] thought I would share some tips on how I make it through this time.

Keep track of her coming and goings

usually I am caught off guard because I don't calculate. But If I clock my time, I can mentally and physically prepare myself for her coming to stay. Drink more water prior and such...

Exercise more or regularly that week

I am not sure how or why this helps but if I exercise on a schedule the week of my cycle, it tends to keep my cramps to the minimum. Now I have HORRIBLE cramps so this just makes them bearable. But for someone who had mild cramps this probably will help eliminate them all together.

Have a specific pain pill for cramps

Sometimes the pain is just too much or too distracting for regular mom life. So I have to take something. I usually use ibuprofen for headaches and I try not to use the same meds for my cramps. Mainly because it is usually not strong enough. Also I like to use a medicine that is made to target menstrual pain. This helps tremendously.

Get enough rest, nap if you need too

8 hour plus at night and sometimes a nap during the day.  So you body has enough strength and energy to keep me through the cycle. The hormones, blood loss, and cramping. It is a lot going on and you body is on overtime for this time being.  More rest makes a huge difference.

Don't put your life or day on hold

Even though I would love to lie in the bed all day, heating pad and hot is just not possible. And even if it is possible, still don't do it! This will train your body to expect the rest at this time. You want just the opposite; of your body to be able to work through the pain and focus you energy elsewhere.

I hope these tips help you next time Aunt Flo comes to visit. Don't let her wreck your life or ruin your day.
Thanks for reading, loves!


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