Thursday, April 2, 2015

20 Facts About Me

  1. I strive to live a Christ-centered life
  2. I am too [two] close to 30
  3. I have two children & no husband
  4. I love the color pink
  5. My sister is my MAIN
  6. My cousin is my TWIN
  7. Never tell me to calm makes me so hype, in a negative way
  8. Computer work is relaxing to me
  9. Cleaning is not my strong suit...but it's all I do everyday with two little ones
  10. I want to be chef
  11. I dream of opening up a cafe'...I will serve breakfast all day long
  12. I love to SHOP
  13. I am a huge movie-buff
  14. I am a middle child
  15. And still a daddy's girl
  16. I encourage my self to be creative everyday
  17. I have a youtube channel called Charnel's World
  18. I love to sing Praise & Worship music
  19. I am a night owl; stay up till 3am get up at 7am
  20. Family time is very important to me

Nicole Charnel

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20 Facts About Nicole Charnel

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